Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fat Fish

Oh boy. Once again, this dinner was a bit fuzzy due to the TWO martinis I had. TWO! I must be losing my touch.

We came here last week since someone had a craving for sushi. Not me, I must add. I'm not big on sushi these days, give me meat or cooked fish any day.

It took me 45 effen minutes to drive from the westside to Weho, so when I arrived I ordered a martini as soon as I sat down. LA TRAFFIC KILLS ME! But, it wouldn't be LA without the traffic right?

I had the Sex N Honey martini which consisted of honey vodka, pineapple and cracked black pepper. It was blecchhh.. but I downed it anyway and felt an instant alcoholic euphoria.

Sex N Honey

The food was nothing special, but we did order TWO plates of BBQ ribs for my daughter who devoured both of them. OK, I had 4-5 pieces total, but damn, she ate those like it was going outta style. I guess the sweetness of the ribs were a good thing.

finger lickin' good ribs

Sushi rolls were pretty mediocre. The lobster roll tasted more like shrimp and was ehhh at best. Spicy tuna roll was also just okay. My dining companion had the salmon and unagi sushi and he said he liked it, so you'll just have to go on his opinion.

spicy tuna roll & lobster roll



Oh, forgo the fried dumplings. They were not good at all. Just get the ribs and some martinis and you'll be good to go.


Since I didn't much care for the Sex N Honey, I ordered a Lychee martini and it was 50 times better. When in doubt, stick with what you know. Lesson learned. Lychee martini hit the spot! I was buzzing good after 2 sips. I probably didn't need to finish the whole drink, but I'm not one to waste alcohol.

lychee martini

Service was pretty good and the ambience tended towards a clubby/loungey scene. They blasted hip hop and top 40 music from those speakers. At some points, I had to yell during my conversation. Or maybe I had to yell because I was drunk? We'll never know.

Dinner was about $130. Not cheap, food was mediocre, but I'd come back just so my daughter could have more ribs. Oh ya, lychee martinis for me!


Fat Fish
616 N Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 659-3882