Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yakisoba Video

Check out my simple yakisoba video. Under 3 minutes to a quick and tasty meal.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Drago Centro

I drove 1 hour and 15 minutes in traffic on the horrendous 10 East during rush hour, so I could get here and enjoy Happy Hour with my friend. Was it worth it? Thank goodness, it was.

Parking is underground, right where the red valet sign is on the corner of 5th and Flower. It's freaking confusing and the only reason I saw it is due to pure luck. I hate one way streets. I hate downtown LA for this reason. So, good thing Drago delivered.

We sat at the bar and ordered some HH drinks. I had the Mai Tai which was decent, pretty sweet and damn strong. $5. Can't beat that.

Food wise, I really have to commend the kobe burgers. More like sliders since they were tiny, but nevertheless, delicious. $7 for 2 burgers. Very tender and great flavor. I could have ate 2 more, but decided to refrain from pigging out and getting fatter.

Another highlight were the saffron arancini. Bomb ass cheese rice balls. I loved them, but they were quite heavy and we couldn't finish all the balls. $5

We got the spinach, ricotta and pancetta pizza to share, and while it was good, it was missing pancetta. Hmm.. maybe there were very teeny chunks, but I certainly didn't taste any. I did like the super thin crust though. $4

After all this food, we were in the mood for some pasta. Unfortunately, we had to move to the dining room to enjoy dinner, so it was a bit of a drag.

But, kudos to the manager and the waiter for taking really good care of us. They moved all our drinks, appetizers and were super cool about letting us share ONE plate of pasta. They even divided it up.

We had the basil spaghetti, with tomato-almond pesto which looked beautiful but tasted salty as hell. Funny enough, after taking a bite, the waiter rushed over and asked if it was too salty. I said yes, and my friend agreed. He took it back and got us a new order. How cool is that?! The second dish was less salty, and quite good. I give props to the pasta.

Oh, they also gave us an amuse bouche of figs wrapped in prosciutto. Sooooo damn good. The combination of salt and sweet was heavenly. I wish we could have had more of that.

We got 30% off our $18 pasta dish with Black Board Eats coupon. Score! Can't beat that at all.

Ok, I'd like to come back and have a regular dinner. Also, for some more burgers. Yum.

Great place and stellar service.


Drago Centro
525 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 228-8998