Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Brunch at Bar Bouchon - Beverly HIlls

Bar Bouchon is located in the patio area right across from the Montage Hotel.

This past weekend was our second visit and the service was just atrocious. For an upscale place, you'd think they would hire competent servers.

We asked to move to a bigger table because one of our friends was planning to join us. The waitress said hesitated at first, but then said it was fine as long as it wasn't busy. If it got busy, she was insinuating that she'd ask us to move. Considering the place was 75% empty and it was already lunch time, she sure had some nerve.

What's with restaurants and their table reservation policy? If the place was packed, I would understand. But, nope - more than half empty!

Nonetheless, we sat down and looked over the menu. We waited another 10 minutes before we had to flag her down to tell her we were ready to order. She took our order without writing it down. Gotta love servers who *think* they have a great memory!

Food comes out after about 10-15 minutes. My bf had the tomato soup, I had the chicken liver mousse to start. Both were good. I thought the mousse could have been a bigger portion, but you know fancy places - presentation over portion.

chicken liver mousse 

We weren't even done with our apps when our salads arrive. Guess what? The steak salad my bf ordered had cheese on it, even though he specifically requested it without. Hm... guess you should have written down our orders huh?

flank steak salad

My chicken salad was good, but it was way better last time. This time around it had way too much mayo on the chicken and the grapes were green instead of red. Sure, I sound picky, but trust me, the red grapes tasted way better AND looked better than the green ones. Be consistent.

roast chicken salad

We finished our meals and asked for the check. Oh, forgot to mention that I had to ask for water a few times. Is it that hard to keep the water glasses filled? Especially if they are small glasses?!

Anyway, my bf asked for some toothpicks and the waitress brought our check. No toothpicks. He asked for them again. She brought them a few minutes later to the table next to us. LMAO! Seriously? Finally, she brought them to us, but just dropped them on the table without saying sorry or making any eye contact. WOW.

Service sucks here! For a $55 lunch, the service better be on point! It wasn't and really left a sour taste in my mouth.

not so sure about this place

Food is important, but service at an upscale place is just as if not MORE important.

Keep it classy and keep it real. Bar Bouchon, you need to step up your game.

Bar Bouchon
235 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210