Saturday, December 27, 2008

BLT Soup

I can never get enough of this soup. It's so good that my daughter requested I make it for dinner. So, being the nice Mom that I am, I obliged.

Yummmy. My tummy is happy now. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Daily Grill

We were out of work early on Xmas eve, so my co-worker and I hit up Daily Grill to get some grub.

I really wanted to go to Taiko upstairs, but they were closed, so Daily Grill it was!

Service was pretty slow, starting with the host. Our waiter was nice, but he really moved a a snail's pace. Maybe it was due to his older age, or maybe he had too many tables to attend to. Either way, it took a while to get drinks and stuff.

I ordered the chicken piccata which came with mashed red potatoes and a HUGE side of broccoli. Basically, they just steamed a stalk of broccoli and put it on my plate. You can see that from the accompanying photo. 

Chicken was good, moist and tender. I liked the sauce it came with, but didn't eat the capers as they were too salty. Potatoes were yummy, and the small bits of skin gave it good texture. Broccoli was.. broccoli. I still have it my fridge cause it was that huge.

Prices are decent here, about $18 for my plate. Well, this is Brentwood, so it's expected. Parking is 1 hr meter or the valet lot. I hate valet, so nix that option.

For a chain restaurant, this place is alright.

Daily Grill
11677 San Vicente Blvd
Brentwood, CA 90049

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BLT Steak

This is my fave steak place in LA. Compared to STK, this place is 5x better. Service and food trumps STK. But, STK may have a better atmosphere. However, I'm more into good tasting food than atmosphere. I can't stand people with attitude serving me food.
But, I digress.

Came here last night for the annual company holiday dinner. There were 13 in our party and we were seated at a long table, much better than the booth they crammed us in at STK. Wow, I'm hating on them.

Anyway, started off with some chicken liver pate and bread. Then came the famous cheese popovers. I think I gained 2 lbs eating one of them. They are really a meal in themselves. Dont even need butter cuz it's so damn rich.

I ordered the rib eye steak with a side of hash browns. What diet? OMG.. the rib eye was so good. I had it medium and it was really tender. The bone marrow came inside a bone which was really cool. Never had bone marrow before, but it was quite tasty. I had some horseradish for my sauce it had a nice kick to it. Yummmmy.. Basically, didnt finish the steak since it was 22 oz. I'm a pig, but not that much of a hog.

Anyways, I recommend this place for some good cow eatin.

BLT Steak

8720 W Sunset Blvd

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zankou Chicken

Since I'm on a budget lately, no more fine dining for me. :(

Headed to Zankou last night, even though I was really craving Greek food, but didnt feel like driving too far. I suppose this place is kinda similar to Greek? Eh.. not really.

We rolled up to the parking lot, but there was no parking and some dude was trying to direct us where to park. Not having that, so we parked up the street and walked in the freezing ass cold to Zankou.

I ordered a 1/4 chicken plate which came with hummus and some kind of salad. The chicken was kinda small, hummus was good, but I wasnt sure what the purple stuff was in my salad, so I did not eat it. However, I did eat the yellow pepper which turned out to be super spicy and cleared up my stuffed sinuses. Woot.

S ordered the chicken tarna which he loved.. I didnt have any as I wasn't in a wrappy mood. We shared a falafel plate as well, but the falafel was so dry I almost choked on it. Well, if you did it in the hummus, then it's not too bad. Overall.. this place is decent.. Not too expensive which is good for us in these times of economic strife.

Blah. I need a drink now.

Zankou Chicken
1716 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mizu 212

One of the most expensive places to eat Shabu in L.A. 

Yet, it keeps calling me back. Could it be the thinly sliced beef? The fresh array of veggies consisting of mushrooms, cabbage, bok choy, broccoli and squash? Coupled with steamed white rice and fresh udon noodles.. what's not to love?

Yes, it cost a pretty penny. $25.99 for a regular beef shabu. But, it was worth every single delicious bite. If only I could afford to eat here more than once a month. 

What? Times be tough round here. 

Mizu 212
2000 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064


It's here.. this rain they have been predicting for the last week.

Woke up to freezing ass temps of 47 degrees. It's like 55 here at work cuz they have the AC blasting.

I'm sick and not feeling it today.. but wanted to post a pic of the rain during my commute this morning. Ahhh.. love rain. It just brings a sense of renewal.