Tuesday, February 28, 2012

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria- Westwood

Love pizza but don't want to spend a fortune? 800 Degrees is the place for you.

In the last month, I've had the privilege of coming here twice already and both times I avoided the long line that seems to form around lunch or dinner. The first time we went around 4 pm on a weekday and it was pretty empty. On our second visit, we were the first customers! Woohoo for being there at 11 am.

made to order pizzas

My recommendation is the pizza bianca. White pizza with no tomato sauce. It comes with fresh mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, oregano and se salt. Simple ingredients that blend together nicely. I added some fresh arugula for some color and bite. For $5 to start and $1 for extra ingredients, you sure can't beat the price!

pizza bianca with arugula

My dining companion got the pizza magherita which comes with crushed tomato, olive oil, mozzarella, parmesan and basil. I had a bite and it was just okay to me. But, then again, I'm not a fan of tomatoes on my pizza. This pizza starts at $6 without extra toppings.

pizza magherita with artichokes and bacon

After you place your order, you pay for it at the cash register, take a seat and within 5 minutes your pizza is done! I had an entire pizza by myself and would definitely recommend that to anyone else.

I'd definitely come back, but not sure I'd stand in line.


800 Degrees Pizzeria
10889 Lindbrook Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Waffle Chix- Westwood

We came here around 4 pm which was a slow period for them. We were told to have a seat anywhere, so we sat at a booth and waited for menus. And waited and waited. 5 minutes later, a guy finally comes over and gives us menus.

We perused the menu and decided what we were going to order. Took another at least another 5-7 minutes before the waitress appeared from the back to take our order. Mind you, I did say this was during off-peak hours and there was only one other couple in the entire restaurant who had already been served.

I ordered the fried chicken sandwich based on some Yelp reviews that said it was excellent. My DC ordered a side of mac n cheese and the breast and waffle combo.

My waffle fries came out first. It was pretty good, albeit a bit too salty. I liked that he brought me a huge container of hot sauce when I asked. 

Next up came the fried chicken sandwich which was in between 2 slices of waffles and had bacon. Whoa.. heart attack food! I thought the presentation was nice, but didn't like the soggy bottom half of the waffle sandwich. It fell apart when I tried eating it. : / The fried chicken inside was quite small and mostly just fried skin. Not much meat at all! I took out the bacon, didn't like it.

His breast and waffle combo looked kinda sad. The waffle was thin and the breast was dry. For $9, it wasn't worth it. 

I also had a bite of the $5 small side of mac n cheese and was horrified at the taste. Watery and tasteless! Definitely, the worst mac n cheese I've ever had. Avoid.

After this meal, my stomach started hurting and I felt disgusting. Not coming back for sure. My DC hated his meal, I didn't hate mine, but I didn't like it.



Wafffle Chix
1059 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-3071

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Asuka Restaurant

Service- 1 star. Food- 3 stars.

Came here for lunch the other day because I had 2 hours to kill. Man, what a mistake!

It took a while for someone to greet me and seat me. Since I was eating alone, she seated me at this table behind the wall, next to the door. Shitty table, but it was either that or the sushi bar. I didn't feel like sitting at the bar.

I get the menus and it takes another 15 minutes for the ONE waitress to come over and take my order. Meanwhile, she's just running around taking orders to other tables. The busboy came over to ask me what I wanted to drink and when I told him I wanted to order and that it had been a while, he said that the waitress would have to take my order. Well, get her over here! Geez.

When she finally showed up, she didn't even apologize, just asked me if I was ready to order. Yeah, like 15 minutes ago. I opted for the lunch special for $13.

Grilled salmon, rice, miso soup, iceberg lettuce salad and 2 pieces of white tuna sushi. The sushi came out first and it was pretty damn good! Surprisingly. Then, 10 minutes later the rest of the food appeared and I dug in. I liked the grilled salmon but it was lacking in flavor. The salad was a generic salad but what do you expect for a lunch special?

grilled salmon lunch special

white tuna sushi

I asked for the check and it took another 10 minutes to arrive. But, once I paid in cash (they only take credit card for bills over $20), she was pretty quick to bring me my change. 
NO, I would not go back. I don't think it's asking for much to get decent service.

Asuka Restaurant
1266 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 474-7412

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yelp Tasting Menu at WEST Restaurant and Lounge

I'm still full from the 11 course feast we enjoyed last night. The CMs and entire staff at WEST organized a stellar event and I'm so happy I got to be a part of it.

We started off with drinks in the lounge where I met some cool Yelpers. I really liked the Across the Universe martini which had hints of blackberry and was topped off with a mint. 

Right before 7 pm, we headed to the dining area and sat at the best tables. The manager had reserved all the tables next to the windows for us. Woohoo! We get to dine and enjoy the view.

Here's what we ate:

Sunchoke soup with brown butter powder and truffle: AMAZING!! My second favorite of the evening. The flavors were delicious and I liked the presentation in a small cup.

Roasted baby beet with triple creme goat cheese and beet caramel: A big chunk of cheese surrounded by beets and sitting atop caramel. Quite tasty, cheese lovers would dig this dish.

Seared foie gras with quince jam and ginger bread: Generous portion of foie gras sitting on top of quince ham. Nice flavors, but I didn't really like it.

Braised pork cheek with crispy potato and apple mustard: Pork lovers will dig this dish! Cooked perfectly and had a nice balance with the apple mustard.

Crispy egg with bacon jam and arugula: OMFG, this dish was the best one of the night! Poached egg that's been battered and deep fried. Need I say more?

Orange sorbet with pop rocks and lemon cream: Such an original concept! I loved it! The pop rocks really brought back some fond childhood memories. Who doesn't love the feel of pop rocks in their mouth?

Stuffed quail with brussels sprouts, chanterelle and pancetta: MMM MMM GOOD. I loved the brussels!! The quail was cooked perfectly as well and very tasty. 

Lobster macaroni with sundried tomato and lobster foam: Was really excited for this dish, but it was too salty. I did like the chunks of lobster though.

Braised short rib with parsnip puree, shallots and radish; Yummmy, loved this dish as well. Very tender and the parsnip puree was delish. 

Seared scallop with raisin puree and rainbow cauliflower: This one was okay, the cauliflowers were my favorite part of this dish. Scallops were too salty and I didn't really care for the raisin puree. 

For dessert we had dulce de leche, chocolate aero, caramel ice cream and popcorn. I liked the ice cream and chocolate aero. Aero was fluffy and light as air! 

We ended the evening with chocolate truffles. Loved it!

I'm definitely coming back especially since we all got preferred dining cards. Thanks, WEST and big kudos to Chef Matthew Woolf! Service was spot on as well. We really did dine like kings and queens.

WEST Restaurant and Lounge
Hotel Angeleno
170 N Church Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fat Spoon

I've heard rave reviews about this place, especially about their signature uni and mushroom pasta and the curry pan.

My friend and I came here for lunch the other day. I read it was close to Daikokuya so when I saw the long line, I knew I had arrived.

We ordered the curry pan to share. It was pretty big. I didn't really care for it too much and my DC agreed. It reminded me of a hot pocket. My friend said it wasn't hot enough, temperature wise. I have to agree, the curry pan came out lukewarm. And it took a while to come out too.

curry pan
I had the tarako pasta. It was delicious! The roe, cream, scallions and dried seaweed all blended nicely together for a very original flavor. The big portions came in a huge bowl as well. I couldn't finish it all so I took it home. I highly recommend this dish.

takaro pasta
My friend had the seafood curry and it was just okay. The curries don't come with any spiciness so don't come here expecting that. The waitress provided us some garlic chili oil to help with spice, but it didn't really have any kick at all. I would forgo the curry here.

seafood curry

I had a side of garlic bread with my pasta which was an additional $2. I should have known it wasn't free when she asked me if I wanted the garlic bread with my pasta. duh.

I'd come back just for the tarako pasta, but only if I was already in DTLA.


Fat Spoon
329 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 621-7890