Thursday, February 23, 2012

Waffle Chix- Westwood

We came here around 4 pm which was a slow period for them. We were told to have a seat anywhere, so we sat at a booth and waited for menus. And waited and waited. 5 minutes later, a guy finally comes over and gives us menus.

We perused the menu and decided what we were going to order. Took another at least another 5-7 minutes before the waitress appeared from the back to take our order. Mind you, I did say this was during off-peak hours and there was only one other couple in the entire restaurant who had already been served.

I ordered the fried chicken sandwich based on some Yelp reviews that said it was excellent. My DC ordered a side of mac n cheese and the breast and waffle combo.

My waffle fries came out first. It was pretty good, albeit a bit too salty. I liked that he brought me a huge container of hot sauce when I asked. 

Next up came the fried chicken sandwich which was in between 2 slices of waffles and had bacon. Whoa.. heart attack food! I thought the presentation was nice, but didn't like the soggy bottom half of the waffle sandwich. It fell apart when I tried eating it. : / The fried chicken inside was quite small and mostly just fried skin. Not much meat at all! I took out the bacon, didn't like it.

His breast and waffle combo looked kinda sad. The waffle was thin and the breast was dry. For $9, it wasn't worth it. 

I also had a bite of the $5 small side of mac n cheese and was horrified at the taste. Watery and tasteless! Definitely, the worst mac n cheese I've ever had. Avoid.

After this meal, my stomach started hurting and I felt disgusting. Not coming back for sure. My DC hated his meal, I didn't hate mine, but I didn't like it.



Wafffle Chix
1059 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-3071

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