Sunday, February 12, 2012

Asuka Restaurant

Service- 1 star. Food- 3 stars.

Came here for lunch the other day because I had 2 hours to kill. Man, what a mistake!

It took a while for someone to greet me and seat me. Since I was eating alone, she seated me at this table behind the wall, next to the door. Shitty table, but it was either that or the sushi bar. I didn't feel like sitting at the bar.

I get the menus and it takes another 15 minutes for the ONE waitress to come over and take my order. Meanwhile, she's just running around taking orders to other tables. The busboy came over to ask me what I wanted to drink and when I told him I wanted to order and that it had been a while, he said that the waitress would have to take my order. Well, get her over here! Geez.

When she finally showed up, she didn't even apologize, just asked me if I was ready to order. Yeah, like 15 minutes ago. I opted for the lunch special for $13.

Grilled salmon, rice, miso soup, iceberg lettuce salad and 2 pieces of white tuna sushi. The sushi came out first and it was pretty damn good! Surprisingly. Then, 10 minutes later the rest of the food appeared and I dug in. I liked the grilled salmon but it was lacking in flavor. The salad was a generic salad but what do you expect for a lunch special?

grilled salmon lunch special

white tuna sushi

I asked for the check and it took another 10 minutes to arrive. But, once I paid in cash (they only take credit card for bills over $20), she was pretty quick to bring me my change. 
NO, I would not go back. I don't think it's asking for much to get decent service.

Asuka Restaurant
1266 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 474-7412

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