Monday, September 29, 2008

Brodard Chateau

There are 2 things that will make my ass drive an hour for. Food and good company.

Yesterday found me making the trek to Garden Grove (what?!!) to eat at famous Brodard Chateau. I pulled up to the lot at 12:30 pm, parking in one of the many spaces and rolled into the chateau.

Not bad.. My first impression was hmm... kinda dark.. hmm. this hostess is ignoring me. Is it cuz I dont speak Vietnamese? Since I was meeting my GF, I just bypassed her and walked to our table.

Cat was sitting there with some drinks on the table, albeit non-alcoholic. I'll forgive her, it was a Sunday and we had kids in tow. :)

Usually at Asian restaurants, the service sucks ass. But, our waiter was prompt, friendly and got everything right. He even gave me time to figure out what I wanted to drink. I ended up with a Thai iced tea, even though I really wanted a Lychee Martini.. aahhh.. duty calls.

Here is what we ordered-

Duck Salad- pretty good.. I love that the duck was perfectly cooked and not too fatty. Salad was lots of fresh veggies and came with fish sauce.

Pork spring rolls- WHOA. Partay in my mouth! I loved it!! Sooo much that I ate 3.. well, technically 1.5 since they were cut in half. *wink* Wrapped in rice paper (not fried) with ham, crunchy stuff and veggies, this dish hit the spot.

Pho Tai- Tasty! The only thing I didnt like was the beef was already cooked. I'm used to the beef being rare and then cooked in the broth. No worries, it came with tons of basil, bean sprouts, sauce and jalapenos.

Vermicelli noodles with beef, shrimp and egg roll- good and refreshing! Add some fish sauce and it gets better!

Spicy fish noodle soup- Good lord!! They weren't kidding with the spice!! My mouth was on fire after a bite of this. Thank god I had the Thai iced tea to counteract the flames. Loved the fish and noodles. Delicate and healthy.

Cat surprised me with a coconut jello dessert topped with a candle as a belated b-day "cake". I thought it was quite sneaky and sweet of her to do that for me. :)

So, yes, do come here if you are in the mood for some good, fresh Vietnamese cuisine!

Brodard Chateau

9100 Trask Avenue

Garden Grove, CA 92844


Betty said...

awe. that was uber sweet of cat for the dessert and candle! i like her, she's a good friend indeed.

im so close to brodard chateau, i think im stop by VERY soon!

Pandalicious said...

omg, we should go then!

TonyC said...

i gotta make it to brodard 1 of these days... OC. is. so. faaarrr..

(and no, like the Vietnamese say, you can NEVER be sick of pho)

Pandalicious said...

yes tony, you have to try this place.. its too freakin far, but at least once!