Sunday, November 2, 2008

BLT and P Soup

Woke up this morning to rain.. What?? Rain in Los Angeles? I guess fall is finally here.

This gave me the hankering for some good old soup. I crave comfort food when the seasons turn. This recipe is from Rachael Ray and it is seriously my fave soup ever. Well, this and wonton noodle soup. OK, beef noodle soup too. What? I'm Asian, I can't live without noodles soup!

The soup is fairly easy to make. Main ingredients are bacon, leek, tomato and potato. Hence the name of the soup. Just stir it all together and enjoy!! I've included some pix of the process. Yumo!

Mmmm... this beats any store bought soup. And it lasts for days! 


kit said...

I love noodle soup too! Pho, wonton, and then clam chowder. LOL

kit said...

Oh wait, clam chowder is not a noodle soup. It's a soup but not noodle. My bad.

Pandalicious said...

maybe someday i'll make this soup for you.