Friday, September 4, 2009

M Cafe

In the land of Hades, otherwise known as Hell- Yay, the boy and I went to M Cafe to escape the 95 degree heat.

Wow. It was pretty busy at 11:30 am. Lots of Moms with their toddlers and babies. The design of the cafe seemed to be acoustically challenged. If the screaming baby cried, the cries would carry over tenfold. Mind you, this is not a big place either.

Anyway, we ordered 2 teriyaki bowls. He had the salmon with steamed veggies, while I got the black cod with sauteed veggies.

$15 a pop ain't cheap by any means. I mean they were tasty, but the portions weren't huge and damn, $15. We didn't even get any drinks and the total for our meal was $33.

Both bowls came with brown rice. I liked my cod better than his salmon, mostly because his salmon was just that, salmon. Nothing special about it. Steamed veggies were carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Basic.

My cod was flaky and soft, and the sauteed veggies tasted yum. I loved the shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, carrots and onions.

A/C seemed to be dying out towards the end of our meal. I started sweating while eating my food. I hate sweating. I hate sweating even more when I'm eating.

But, whatevers. Granted the food is good here, but it's damn expensive.

M Cafe
9433 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 858-8459


Daniel S. said...

That cod bowl looks delicious. $15 seems high but then again this is BH. The salmon and veggie bowl looks almost too healthy--it could use some more sauce. How was the quality of the fish?

When I lived in OC, I would get amazing and cheap teriyaki bowls from a place called Yogis. I really miss that place these days.

Pandalicious said...

the cod was good.. the salmon was too healthy! i felt like telling them to give him some sauce!

quality was def up there.. it's an organic place, so everything is all top notch. hence, the hefty price tag.

i used to get the $6 chicken bowl from san sai in westwood all the time for lunch! i understand!

kit said...

Hades? Hell yesss! Your pictures are great. The iPhone is a good tool but too bad no flash. I'm sure you'd get more bang for the buck.

Pandalicious said...

wow, it's finally cooling down in LA. yesss...i love my iphone tho!

Kung Food Panda said...

I had M Cafe last week, and I agree with you, the food was pretty good, but the place isn't what you call cheap. I guess once in awhile, going healthy is A OK!