Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Hour @ McCormick & Schmick's

After reading about the $3 cheeseburger and fries here, my friend and I decided to check out what the talk was all about. We arrived around 4:30 pm, grabbed a seat inside by the bar and proceeded to order.

10 minutes go by, and no waiter shows up. The bartender notices us and asks us what we would like to drink. We order 2 house Chardonnays at $4.50 each.

i'll have 3 glasses, thx

10 more minutes go by and still no effen waiter. We flag down the hostess and she comes by and takes our order. Then, the bartender comes by and takes our order, but we told him we already ordered. Come on guys, get it together. So not organized!

Anyhoo, the Chardonnay arrives and it's pretty damn tasty. Not dry at all, almost sweet like my favorite, Riesling.

Our food arrives shortly thereafter. For 2 girls, we sure can eat!

Oyster shooters: damn, this was good! Big oysters in a shot glass with cocktail sauce and something else. We liked it!

Suck it down!

Spicy chicken wings: Not bad, the wings were tasty with a kick. A bit messy to eat, but they are wings after all.

Typical wings

Spider and fries: Decent dish. Calamari was good, although they were a bit soft. I like my calamari crispy. Fries were meh. Too soggy and salty.

Yes to spider, no to fries

Cheeseburger and fries: Hmm.. pretty good burger! We shared it since we were pretty full at this point. It was cooked well done, but still good. At $3 you can't complain!

All in a all, it's a decent place for Happy Hour. We ordered 5 Chardonnays total along with all the food and the bill was $40! Woohoo!

2 winners here are the oyster shoots and the wine. Service was good after we actually got waiter. Solid 3/5 stars.

McCormick & Schmick's
206 N Rodeo Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 859-0434


Justin said...

a bargain in beverly hills? i've never had an oyster shooter.

Pandalicious said...

yes. i never had them either, but they are so good!

Daniel S. said...

If you like Riesling then do you also like Moscato? It's a little drier but still sweet. Martin and Weyrich winery makes a damn fine Moscato and you can get a bottle for about $13 at the Wine House on Cotner.

The food looks very good for happy hour; I'm impressed. I used to frequent McCormick & Schmick's Happy Hour in Irvine when I was working down there and we always left, um, happy =). Yep that burger is tasty! Funny that I always remember the one in Irvine cooking it rare--too rare sometimes. $40 for two for happy hour and all that grub and wine in Beverly Hills is something to write about (which you did). Good deal.

Pandalicious said...

YES, love Moscato! those are my 2 faves. i like Barefoot brand by TJs. it's pretty cheap too..

hahah.. gotta love a good happy hour.

kpxkrazyazn said...

you should try the l.a. downtown McCormick & Schmick. they are pretty quick with the service n it's basically the same.