Sunday, October 4, 2009

Simpang Asia- Oxtail Soup Quest #1

I've been obsessed with oxtail soup lately, and this was my recent discovery. Recommended by fellow blogger Daniel S. =)

My friend and I came here today for lunch and it was okay. The service was decent, but our waiter didn't really check on us much. Well, we did sit outside in the windy tornado, but still.

The restaurant was packed with Asians! I guess that's a good sign. We lucked out and got a parking spot right in front. However, when we left, there were 2 cars who were parked behind me, but good thing one of them moved.

So, I ordered the oxtail soup with a side of rice and egg rolls. I was starving!

The oxtail soup was mediocre. Lots of fat floating at the top which I didn't much care for. It came with 3 medium sized oxtails which were tasty, and I loved sucking on the cartilage at the ends. Yeah yeah, sounds nasty, but if you ever suck on cartilage you know it's damn good. I wish it were heartier and had more veggies, since there were only a few tiny pieces of carrots and scallions.

oxtail soup w/floating fat

Rice was an extra $1.50 which was kinda pricey, since this is an Asian restaurant. Shouldn't the rice be free or less than $1? Oh wells.

rice made it better

The 3 egg rolls were good, but I could not tell what were in the filling. Oh, the menu said shrimp, chicken and veggies. I think I tasted bamboo there. Interesting.

My friend ordered the Nasi Lemak, basically curry chicken with rice and egg on the side. It was okay, but not really my thang.

Overall, I liked the oxtail soup best, but still on the lookout for bomb oxtail soup in LA.

Any recommendations?

Simpang Asia
10433 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 815-9075


Daniel S. said...

See I'm really glad to get a second opinion because this version at Simpang Asia is all I mostly know, and I'm the only person within my lunch crew who regularly orders this soup. Yeah the service at this place is practically non-existent, and it's odd that you were charged $1.50 for rice, more than my buck zero. I still love Simpang Asia and it's a favorite amongst my coworkers. BTW I'm going to Indonesia very soon and you know I'll be getting my oxtail soup on, BIG TIME! Many thanks for the shout out =). Much appreciated!

Buddha said...

I f'ing love oxtail soup...

Pandalicious said...

Daniel- yea, i was not too pleased with the dollar fifty charge on white rice. but whatevs..

i heard that king's hawaiian has a good oxtail soup. that's next on the list.

have fun in indo.. be careful of any tsunamis.. !

Buddha- me too! now i just gotta make my own.

SinoSoul said...

there are quite a few Carribean joints that serve oxtail stew/curry. Might want to check into that?

Pandalicious said...

really? thanks! will have to look into that.

patrick said...

Wow! That oxtail soup looks awful. I delicately braise the oxtail before cooking it briefly in a Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker with the required pancetta, onions, carrots in the presence of a dry white wine. It turns out much richer than the soup in the photo. No substitute for a pressure cooker ... you can easily make this entree yourself.

Pandalicious said...

Patrick- I agree. it wasn't much visually.. can you send over the recipe pls? thx!