Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Absolutely Phobulous

Phobulous, it is not. Fill you up till you can't breathe, it is.

The service here sucks ass. Basically, you have to flag down the guy who is on his cell phone 95% of the time. Well, it's to be expected at most Asian places. Sad, but true.

I must say though that the guy running this restaurant cracks me up. He answers the phone with "Ab Pho". LOL

We ordered the imperial rolls to start with. I really liked them! Fried rolls wrapped in lettuce leaves and dipped in fish sauce. Umm yummm! I added mint leaves to it as well and it really gave it some sweetness. Very nice touch.

I went with the vegetarian pho and it was quite tasty as well. Big bowl of noodles, tofu, broccoli, bok chop, bean sprouts and basil all in a veggie broth. I'm not a vegetarian, but just not into rare beef in my soup. Added a bunch of Sriracha sauce and it was bomb-diggity. Oh yeah, don't forget the japalenos. I'm a sucker for spicy foods.

the spread of carby goodness

BF had the vermicelli noodles with egg rolls, tofu, seaweed and veggies. I've had this dish several times before and it's rather tasty as well.

All this food was $22 before tip. It's not cheap if you compare it to Westminster, but hey, this is Beverly Hills. I think $22 for 2 for lunch is a decent price.

They only take credit cards for orders over $10, otherwise, be ready to pay cash.

Absolutely Phobulous
350 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 360-3930


Chicken said...

Yikes! I've been scared to go to Absolutely Phobulous. I love me some good pho, but this one seemed a bit Americanized.

A new one opened up in Encino tho, which is near my friends, so they've been wanting to go. Maybe I'll check it out.

-- Hanhonymous

Pandalicious said...

it's a bit americanized.. but i still liked it.

yea, check out the one in encino and let me know what u think!

Daniel S. said...

I've driven by here a few times and was always curious about the food. The portions look nice and large...seems like you two had good eats so I'll keep this place in mind, and I've been craving some good pho lately =)

Pandalicious said...

portions are huge.. but keep in mind service sucks!

also, try pho citi in westwood.. closer too.

jason z said...

do you know a Pho spot in LA that does NOT use MSG?

Pandalicious said...

Jason- Ab Pho claims they dont use MSG. but I'm not so sure about that!