Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Hour @ Luxe Hotel

If you're looking for a scene, this place ain't it. But, if you want cheap ass martinis at rock bottom prices, get yo ass here. ASAP. Trust me, you can get drunk for less than $20!

My GF and I hit up Luxe for happy hour on a Monday evening, well, more like afternoon, since it was only 4:30 pm. Yes, we start early. We are lushes after all.

There was no one there. We sat at a table outside and the waiter took our orders. Cosmo for me, appletini for her. Both $3.60! What? In Beverly Hills? Yes, f'reals.

We also ordered some food since we get the muchies after a few drinks.

Fried chicken skewers were decent, 3 pieces of chicken accompanied by BBQ sauce, and some honey sauce. ($3.60)

Parmesan fries were very good! There was an option to add truffle oil to them, but that would bring the price from $3.60 to $7, so we said hells no. Besides, they tasted good with the cheese on it. No need to add extra calories to our meal. Haha.

Our favorites were the mini filet mignon sliders with grilled onions and crumbled cheese. Umm hello?! They were $9, but shit, I'll pay $9 for a tease of scrumptious deliciousness like that. Both sliders were scarfed down in a matter of 2 minutes. Yeah, I highly recommend them!

I could have ate 5 of these.

We had a few more martinis to tide us over after all that food. I had 2 dirty martinis and she had a watermelon and a cosmo. This was my first time having a dirty martni and I quite enjoyed it. In fact, I think I'll be drinking those from now on. I like the salty taste and it made me feel all grown up! Teehee.

dirty, dirty martini

Our bill was around $28 each after tax and tip. My only complaint is that they should have more food items for $3.60, but can't go wrong with cheap martinis.

Service was good when the waiter was around. Overall, a fun experience, just kind of dead. I'm just happy we got sloshed for so cheap.

Luxe Hotel
360 N Rodeo Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 273-0300


kit said...

Dude, the prices are unheard of in the Hills!!! That's awesome.

Daniel S. said...

Wow this is all an incredible deal. I'm adding this place to our list of happy hour destinations. $3.60 each for the martinis? Geez talk about getting drunk on a dime! Parmesan fries and filet mignon sliders look delicious. I'm surprised this place wasn't more crowded, even it was early on a Monday.

Buddha said...

Glad to hear that you like the salty taste of, uh... where was I? Oh, the dirty martini, yes. I always get an extra dirty Belvedere, straight up, with a splash of vermouth. Mmmmmm.

Marie said...

Wowza, can't believe your drinks were $3.60 each! Restaurants and bars sure are upping their happy hour game these days.

Pandalicious said...

Kit- I know right?!

Daniel- Yes, you have to try it once! and they are stron martinis too.

Buddha- Hhahaha.. i like it extra dirty with lots of olives.

Marie- totally, esp with this economy. gotta take advantage! :P