Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nom Nom Truck

In support of the T-lofts fundraiser for Haiti today, I dragged my kiddo and BF here to check out the congregation of food trucks. There were 25 total, but I only had 2 in mind to try.

Nom Nom was one of them and I was totally looking forward to getting my banh mi fix.

The line was about 20 minutes long to order, then another 10 minutes to pick up the food. I ordered the deli special which is basically all sorts of deli meats along with pickled veggies. They ran out of pate, which was a bummer, since pate is very common in banh mi. Also, there were no jalapenos in my sammie at all! I was disappointed in that, since I love those spicy peppers. It was also surprising to me since they have a big sign that states their sandwiches HAVE jalapenos.

The sandwich itself was okay. Bread wasn't very fresh, but it was quite filling. I guess for $6, it was alright. I've had better banh mi for $2.50 from the SGV though.

Service was friendly and I could tell she was really trying to accommodate everyone. She even gave me a free soda for waiting. Kudos to the service!

I might come back, but only if they have pate and remember the jalapenos.

Nom Nom Truck


Daniel S. said...

Yeah that banh mi special is just ok, and pricey at $6. No pate and no jalapenos? WTH?
We ate at six different trucks and yes I was totally stuffed :-O. Buttermilk truck was goood! Flying Pig was also very good, excellent pork belly sliders. Yum.

Pandalicious said...

i know, i was mad about the lack of peppers! it really makes the sammie.

we stood in line for 1 hr for the buttermilk truck just to get french toast sticks.

man, i should have gone to flying pig. dont think the line was that long there.

Ravenous Couple said...

hard to beat the fresh out of the oven banh mi's from the delis but no pate?? that's unforgivable :)

Lisa said...

Thank you for coming out to support the Haiti Fundraiser! In the end, more than 5,000 people came on Saturday and slightly more than $7,000 was raised.

rep for TLofts

Kung Food Panda said...

I'd say it's a great event for all the people that it benefited. Though, since I live here in the SGV, I'd stick to my cheaper banh mi places :)

Pandalicious said...

KFP- I agree. next time i go to SGV, i'm hitting up some banh mi places.

Tricerapops said...

i'm with RC above. Nom Nom is capitalizing on the lack of banh mi places in LA proper (outskirts/SGV aside). it's like having no mexican food joint in town, and somebody with no true understanding of the dishes opening up a take out counter for some fast cash. no thanks.