Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beverly Glen Deli

I'm not really a deli person, but since my BF lives down the street from this deli, we frequent it whenever he is in the mood for breakfast. Yep, I don't eat breakfast either. It's whatever to me. Give me some Special K cereal with soy milk, and call it a day.

This morning he wanted to go get some breakfast, and I unwilling obliged. It's only fair, the boy eats carbs with me, even though he's on a health kick.

I ordered a matzo ball soup with half an egg salad sandwich, which came with a side of potato salad. He had a veggie egg white omelette with a side of cottage cheese.

My soup came out within 5 minutes. It was quite tasty, with a big matzo ball, some noodles, carrots and chicken. Ew.. gross. I hate boiled chicken, so I took them out one by one. Sue me, I'm picky. Other than the chicken, I thoroughly enjoyed my soup. Great texture with the ball and the noodles were cooked perfectly.

The egg salad sandwich was huge! It almost seemed like an entire sammie with how much egg salad they piled on it. Kind of lacking in flavor, so I added some hot mustard to it. I wish it had some pickles or celery for some crunch.

However, the potato salad was a different story. Way too much mayo and totally gross. I took a bite and was immediately repulsed. If I am not eating my food, you know it's bad. I eat almost everything.

BF liked his healthy breakfast which I did not touch. Sorry dude, it's just too healthy for me. He should have got some roasted potatoes with that, damn it.

Service was efficient and friendly. They're on top of stuff there, which is good. It's also funny to me that the waitress calls everyone "honey" or "sweetheart".

All this for $28 before tip. Good place to go if you live in the hood. Oh, and one time John Voight (Angelina Jolie's dad) sat at the booth next to us.

Beverly Glen Deli
2948 N Beverly Glen Cir
Los Angeles, CA 90077
(310) 475-2719


Daniel S. said...

Egg salad sammie looks good! Yeah you like your potato salad =). BTW the one at Kyochon still rules in my book--it's so chunky, the way I like it. I can see the veggie egg white omelet in the background -- I think I lost weight just saying that :-O

How cool is it that you sat next to John Voight?

Pandalicious said...

I must go try Kyochon one of these days then!

yea seriously, the veggie omelette- meh.

Salon Oyah said...

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