Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breadbar @ CC Mall

After watching Valentine's Day on it's opening night, we walked over to Breadbar to get some dinner.

It was pretty chilly outside, so we sat down at a corner table towards the back. Our waiter was pretty attentive and got our orders fast enough. You know, when people are starving, they tend to get a bit snippy.

I had the ahi tuna burger with grilled veggies instead of fries. After my torturous core fusion class earlier, I didn't want to eff that up by eating fried crap. Changing to grilled veggies cost a few dollars extra, but it's better than packing on a few extra pounds.

The ahi burger was quite tasty and I liked the arugula and wasabi mayo thrown in for a twist. Crispy fried onions topped the seared fish gave it a nice texture. I would have liked more fish than bun, since the bread dwarfed the ahi. Grilled vegetables consisted of zucchini, bell peppers, broccolini and squash. I liked the zucchini and broccolini best, but didn't much care for the squash. Some pieces of it were a bit too charred for my taste.

Kiddo ordered the cauliflower soup, which came in a pureed form. She didn't eat much of it, since she was tired, but the BF ordered one as well and scarfed it down. I've had it before and it is indeed quite tasty.

We also ordered a side of mac n cheese and it was not good. Their wasn't much flavor and we left most of it on the plate. Blah, skip this dish.

Overall, a decent spot to eat lunch or dinner. I'd like to come back and try their sliders. It seems they have expanded their menu since the last time I was there.

Century City Mall
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Century City, CA 90067
(310) 277-3770


Daniel S. said...

This place always seems busy but the food is just OK in my opinion. The big reason to come here is for their incredible fresh-baked bread, which I feel is the BEST you can get in LA =). Glad to hear the service was quick.

Justin said...

that mac & cheese sorta looks like it has marshmallows on top, like when you make yams with marshmallows and they get all toasted like that

Pandalicious said...

Daniel-really? i have never really had their bread.. except in the sandwiches.

Justin- ya, it looked like that, but sure didn't taste like it.