Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Hour @ Checkers Downtown

What a great happy hour! I came here last night with 2 of my girlfriends, and we ate and drank to our hearts content.

Everyone was really friendly and accommodating, from the doormen to the waiter. We even got free valet parking! It's usually $6.

Checkers has a happy hour called FOUR, from 4-8 pm, featuring 4 food and drink items, each only $4. Pretty clever eh? The menu changes weekly, so if you are a lush like me, you can go every Thursday and try new drinks.

We ordered all 4 food items and 3 of the drink specials.

LIMONCELLO BRAMBLE – A martini of Vox Vodka, Limoncello, blackberry puree, and fresh lemon juice. From the mind of our own bartender. This was sweet, but not very strong. The waiter brings it in a martini shaker and serves it to you in a martini glass at the table.

MOSCOW MULE – Vox Vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger juice, and ginger beer. “Moscow” for the vodka; “Mule” for the kick of ginger! My favorite drink of the evening. Crispy, refreshing taste with a small kick to wake you up. I had 3 of these.

VESPER MARTINI – James Bond’s change-of-pace: Tanqueray Gin, Vox Vodka, Golden Lillet, and a twist of lemon. This was the strongest drink. One of the cleanest martinis I've had ever. One of these will get you buzzed and happy.

VICHYSSOISE with house-made taro chips. This is a chilled soup with cream. I didn't much care for it, since I'm not a fan of cold soup.

OLIVE OIL POACHED AHI, with cannelloni bean and basil pesto ragout, and red onion pickles. Hmm.. not really a fan of this dish either. The ahi was dry and it was covered with too much foilage.

SHORTRIB GRILLED CHEESE with sautéed onion, baby arugula, and a stone-ground mustard sauce. My friends loved this dish, but I was just okay with it. It's too heavy for my taste, and I'm not a fan of cheese. Yeah yeah, shoot me.

CONFIT OF ARTICHOKE HEARTS, with lemon zest and shaved mizithra cheese. This was a winner! I love artichokes. The tanginess of the lemon combined with the sharpness of the cheese really brought out the natural flavor of the artichokes.

Since we wanted to try more food, we ordered a side of garlic fries and the hummus.

OMFG. If you like hummus, you will LOVE their hummus. It has roasted garlic in it and it was seriously, the BEST hummus I've ever had. Came with warm flatbread for your dipping pleasure.

Garlic fries were a bit salty, but I didn't mind so much since I had my Vesper martini to wash it down with.

I would totally come back here! Great deal, great service, and great food. That's what a happy hour is all about. I may make this a weekly event. Thanks Tony of Sinosoul for the rec!

Checkers @ The Hilton
535 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 624-0000


Jenny Cleary said...

Hey, came across your blog. Love this Happy Hour post. I now want to go check out the confit of artichoke hearts and hummus. Mmmmmmm~

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Pandalicious said...

thanks for reading, i have to go back just for the hummus!