Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jar Restaurant

Jar. The name evokes images of mason jars filled with jam preserves. Funny enough, didn't see any mason jars.

Located on Beverly Blvd with limited parking, Jar sits on the corner of Beverly and Harper Ave. Good thing for the $6 valet. Sheesh.

Why is it that valet parking is so prevalent in LA? Are people really that lazy? I'm just saying. There are so many spots that "valets" take up on the street. It's really annoying for people who don't mind walking a bit before stuffing their faces. Plus, $6 is a meal, damn it.

Anyway, I had a Blackboard Eats coupon for 30% off dinner so my friend and I decided to cash it in. Good thing we had that discount, cause dinner was over $100.

Bread and butter

We started off with the crab deviled eggs. $10. Was it worth it? Hells to the yeahhh. Quite possibly one of the best deviled eggs I've had in my lifetime. We each had 2 and then shared the last piece.

For my entree, I had the Coq au Vin with red wine, applewood smoked bacon, pearl onions, and crimini. $21. Hmm.. not sure this was worth the price. Too sweet for my taste and I've had better Coq au Vin at O Bar. Plus, the mushrooms were lacking and I like my mushrooms, damn it.

My friend had the signature Pot Roast with carrots, and caramelized onions. $29. She said her grandma makes better pot roast. Since I've never tasted said pot roast, I can't agree with her. However, the pot roast was fork tender and juicy. I liked it way better than my chicken.

We shared a side of water spinach with garlic just to get some greenage into our systems. I liked it, anything with garlic is good. $8.

I had a Riesling with my meal at $12. It was alright.

She had a Holy Water- hangar one 'buddhas hand' Lemon vodka, fresh lemon, simple syrup, a splash of lemonade, and club soda. $15. It tasted like lemonade. Where was the vodka?!

Even though I felt like a stuffed turkey after dinner, we still ordered dessert to share. That girl is a sweets fiend. I had to oblige. Plus, we had 30% off so why not?

We got the signature chocolate pudding. $10. OMFG. OMFG. It was freaking amazing! I'm not a sucker for desserts, but Jesus Christ, I could eat this pudding for days to come. It tasted more like a mousse though. Ain't complaining, just saying.

Our bill was $104, but with 30% off it was much better. You can do the math. Of course, make sure you tip on the pre- discount amount.

Jar was popping on a Wednesday night. We had to sit in the side room since our original reservation of 4 dwindled down to 2. Whatevs. Service was nice and accommodating and no one tried to rush us out. Yay for that! If they did, I'd have thrown some chicken.

Probably won't be returning here. But, it was nice to check out. Thanks BBE.

Jar Restaurant
8225 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Daniel S. said...

I got the 30% deal too, but I have to boycott this place because their valet dented my friend's car, and took no responsibility :(. Speaking of expensive valet, Mozza is $10! We walked 4 blocks just to avoid paying the price of an appetizer! But yes LA peeps are LAZY.

The deviled eggs look delish; seems like many restos are putting out gourmet deviled eggs these days, which is a good thing =).

Glad to see you weren't rushed out for once...though I'd want to be there to see you throw some chicken.

SinoSoul said...

go back from brunch yo! the breakfast breads they serve are stupendous!

SinoSoul said...

errr. go back "FOR" brunch even. I is FOB.

Pandalicious said...

daniel - i dislike valets, for many reasons. but that is just wrong!

tony- LOL.. maybe.

That's Ron said...

Wow exzy....!

Jennifer N. said...

I also went for the BBE code at Jar, so I was excited to hear your thoughts. Made me glad that I ordered the way that I did - I was tempted by the pot roast, but eventually decided against it.

My impressions:
Crab deviled eggs were amazing; I totally agree with you on that one. I kept it for myself.

Kansas Strip Steak was perfect. I ordered the purple Japanese yams and that was the way to go for the side dishes. Hands down perfect. The kubocha squash wasn't bad, but not amazing. I wouldn't order again.

Apple bread pudding was the dessert of the day and I couldn't get enough. We also ordered the chocolate paradise, which was good, but nothing compared to the bread pudding.

My dining partners had a butter lettuce salad (good, but a bit boring), pea tendrils (yummy and tender!), collard greens (OMG, OMG, ridiculously good), mashed potatoes (whipped, like the ones mom used to make), lobster tomato soup special (absolutely amazing). I tried all but the lobster soup, and I agree with the other assessments.

We drank the Frostwood cabernet sauvignon and it was probably the best bottle of wine I've ever had.

I think the steaks are probably the highlights of Jar -- and we parked a few blocks away and walked. We're cheap bastards at heart, despite dropping so much on dinner. Hey, it was Easter and we had a discount!

Pandalicious said...

Jennifer- thanks for stopping by! I heard that the steaks are the highlight there, but I still doubt I'll be going back without a discount. It's overpriced. And yay! i totally wish i had found a spot. =)

joanh said...

i've always wanted to give jar a try! and 30% off is a great deal! i don't like to valet either! hahah