Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back from Oahu

Hawaii was amazing. It was a new experience for me to go on vacation alone. All in all, a wonderful trip. Some memories from the trip:

~ awesome view from my oceanfront room at the Hilton

~ eating poke for the first time

~ lounging around all day whenever I wanted to

~ snorkeing for the first time at beautiful Hanauma Bay

~ eating loco moco

~ checking out the nightlife in Waikiki which does not trump LA at all

~ eating a reall good bowl of pho

~ being able to take late night strolls on the beach

~ seeing all the stars in the sky next to Diamond Head

~ being stuck at the airport for 8 hours due to some plane delay

Next time I go back to Hawaii, I will bring someone with me though. Being alone for 95% of the trip had its moments, but at the end of the day, this paradise is to be shared with someone special.


Anonymous said...

wow u went alone?? what prompted you to do that?

Pandalicious said...

I needed a getaway from life in LA!