Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Craving some meat on a stick? Get yo azz over here.

They have an extensive izakaya menu complete with land animals, sea creatures, and veggies. 

I took my friend here last night because he had never been, or even heard about it. Since I ate here once and liked it, I suggested coming here instead of Sasaya.

We were immediately seated upon arrival at the bar surrounding the grill. Front row seats! Yay! 

Items we ordered:

Agedashi tofu- my fave! I love the sauce it came in so much that I made the waiter leave the sauce so I could put it over my rice. What? I'm Asian, I like rice with everything. The tofu itself was very good, lightly fried and flavorful. So good that we asked for a second order. Oink.

Tomato, green pepper and mushroom skewers- pretty self-explanatory and standard kabob. 

Grilled scallops- I love scallops, but this dish was a disappointment. Too dry and a bit overcooked. I guess I enjoy my scallops seared way better. Would not recommend.

Tsukune (chicken meatballs)- Great dish! Love balls! Get this if you love balls on a stick!

Rib eye steak- Ehhh.. this was alright.. pretty forgettable. A bit too rare for me. 

Quail eggs- OMG. I love quail eggs!! I could eat quail eggs forever. These are so cute and petite. Perfect for a dainty girl like moi.

Dark meat chicken with scallions- decent meat, but not as good as the meatballs! 

All in all a very enjoyable meal. It was a bit cramped at the bar, but I got used to it after a while. Good, attentive service which is very important to me. I like having my water glass filled, especially when eating food that makes your thirsty. 

11330 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Drew Li said...


I noticed your reviews on Yelp and think that you have some great taste in food. Some of the places you reviewed are some some places I have been to and enjoy.

This is my first time reading your blog and it is really great! You certainly have a passion for food and that translates into your writing.

Do you live in L.A.?

I'd love to pick your brain sometime. :)

Pandalicious said...

thanks drew! yes, i live in LA. which places?

Drew Li said...


Some of the places that I've been to: Din Tai Dumplings, Zankou Chicken, Zip Fusion, BCD, Paco's, Chosun Galbae, CCC, The Foundry, and Urth to name a few. Hahaa

Looks like we share the same taste in food.

Do you have any favorite places?

Pandalicious said...

i have so many fave places.

- urth caffe
- din tai fung
- yu n mi

eating is my life.. oink.

Drew Li said...

Those are some great spots.

And there's nothing wrong with appreciating great food.

Food = Life.