Friday, January 16, 2009


I can't believe they would actually serve this food. You know that I am always very fair in my reviews and I give the benefit of the doubt, but last night's dinner was just not edible.

I wanted sushi and we saw this place so decided to pop in. Um.. what the F. I will say that the service started out good, but at the end of the meal I have to take off the star for service. I'll explain why later.

So, we order mint tea since I've got a cold and needed something warm. Tea was good and the honey helped soothe my scrathy throat.


Sashimi platter- this was not fresh at all! The salmon was chewy, the yellowtail was bleh and the ahi tuna was ok, but still not up to par. Look man, if you are gonna charge $14 PER sashimi, then you best get that shiet up to speed. I felt like the fish was frozen and it just tasted gross. We had to leave pieces uneaten.

Black cod- this was the only decent dish of the night, but it was still too salty. Look, I'm picky, but hey, this was $26 and if you are gonna charge that much, the fish best be soft and flaky. This was overdone and over seasoned. I did like the black mushrooms it came with though.

Spicy tofu- brown tofu cubes, lightly fried and heavily seasoned. Not spicy at all, more like salty tofu.

Veggie pad thai- WTF. How can you even call this pad thai?!!! This was freakin chow mein with bits of tofu in it. I didnt see any veggies. OMG. What a disgrace. I can't believe they would put this on the menu and try to pass it off as pad thai. We had 2 bites and were thoroughly disgruntled.

I had a side of white rice since I eat rice with everything. Guess what? I had rice leftover! *gasp* Why? Cuz the food was so bad that I couldnt eat it with the rice.

We left 80% of all the dishes on the plate. The busboy asked us if we wanted to take the food home and we shook our heads no.
I'm in shock that they could charge astronomical prices for this kind of food. Panda Express would have been tastier.

Here's the kicker- The waiter brought us the check and we just gave him the credit card without looking at it first. When he brought it back to be signed, we looked at the bill and noticed he had added on TWO PIES that we never ordered. WTH.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but if you are gonna try and pull the wool over my eyes, then you're on the shit list. Funny how everything else on the bill was correct, EXCEPT for those 2 pies. We looked around and guess what? No one had any desserts on their tables. HMMMMMMMMM.. interesting.

Don't waste your money here. Or your taste buds.

225 S. Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Drew Li said...

Wow, that IS horrible. The nerve of them to try and pull some s@** like that.

Gonna have to stray away from this place.

Thanks for the great (but horrible for Wako) review.

Pandalicious said...

thanks for reading. i just felt it was necessary to warn people about this place.

Drew Li said...

Thanks for posting. Its honesty like yours that helps make finding new places worthwile.

Daniel S. said...

Wow, seems like this place approached Pink Taco territory, yeah? Chewy salmon, bland yellowtail, and $26 over-salted cod are tough to swallow, literally. They then take it a new low with the mystery pies on the bill. And you know what, Mako gets solid reviews on Yelp. WTH?