Monday, January 19, 2009

W Hotel

One of the best things about the W Hotel in Westwood is the Backyard.
Yesterday, it was such a beautiful day, a balmy 82 degrees in the middle of January. Only in Los Angeles.

We came here and had some food and I ordered some mint tea to soothe my cold.

The food was okay, nothing to write home about.

Tuna tartare didnt seem to be really fresh, but it was edible.
Margerita pizza was thin and simple, albeit too salty.
Crab cakes were tiny, and salty as well.
French fries were hella salty.
Sweet potato fries were actually NOT salty.
I hate salty food! I mean, I like my food seasoned, but don't go salt happy on it.

Mint tea was a delight. I added a ton of honey cuz I do not drink tea by itself.

Ambience was chill and it wasn't packed. However, dont we have a law against no smoking in a dining establishment in CA? I guess they didn't uphold it here. Whateves.

W Hotel
930 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Drew Li said...

Honey works wonders! Whenever I start feeling sick, all I need is a hot cup of water, a splash of lemon, and a LOT of honey. Does the job right.

Hope your feeling better.

Pandalicious said...

thanks.. thats what my mom used to make me do.. i guess she wasnt the only one!