Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Headed back to Paco's tonight with the girls to satisfy our Mexican craving.

I had 2 strawberry magaritas and they were pretty darn good, albeit not as strong as the regular margaritas. Yeah, well, I'm sick, so I didn't want to overdo the imbibing.

For appetizer, we shared the guacamole with chips again. Good and fatty, just the way I like it. Least it was good fat. Haha.

I had 2 carne asada tacos combo with rice and tortillas. The rice was good, tortillas were off da hook delicious, but the tacos were a let down. Wahhh. The beef was hard and chewy and didn't taste very fresh at all. I should have got the damn tostada! 

My friend had the burrito and it was the size of a newborn baby. See the pic. She said it was good, although I didn't have any. But, she ate half and was stuffed. 2 meals in one!

Oh wells, dinner is part food and part company. The company was fun so I can't complain in that department. 

You guys really have to eat the handmade tortillas here. They taste good just plain. 

4141 S. Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Drew Li said...

There's nothing better than enjoying a plate full of joy with your good friends.

Besides, what else goes better together than homemade tortillas with your margaritas?

Pandalicious said...

yep, those were good margaritas.