Monday, February 16, 2009


It was a cold and windy night when we stopped into this quaint restaurant located on the first floor of the Century City Mall. 

I had been sick that day, and couldn't keep any food down. Some good ol' soup sounded good at that point. 

We headed in here and snagged a corner table near the front door. The place was 50% full on a Tuesday evening, shoppers needing a break, couples who wanted some decent food and didn't want to wait 45 min at Houston's, or friends meeting up for a cozy dinner. 

I ordered the lobster bisque which turned out to be a mistake. S had the cauliflower soup which was quite tasty. I usually get that too, but that night I wasn't feeling the cream. My lobster bisque was fishy tasting and not fresh at all. Plus, it just tasted plain weird. I had a few spoonfuls and was over it.

My entree was the portobello mushroom burger with a side of garlic ginger fries. The shroom burger was aight, but too much cheese. Blah.. The fries were good though, especially dipped in my ketchup and Chalupa concoction. 

S had the  caesar salad with shrimp. It came with romaine lettuce leaves intact and he had to cut them. I guess this is the way they do caesar salad here. He said he liked it, so I will take his word on that.

Service was decent. This place gets 3 stars. I'd come back, but not often.

10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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