Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Fat Sheep

With such an off the wall name, I really had to check this place out. My friends and I planned to come to hot pot last week and I had been counting down the days to enjoying some authentic Mongolian hot pot. 

Being the foodies that we are, we made a few pit stops since Monterey Park is about 35 minutes away from the Westside. We hit up Saigon Sandwiches for some Vietnamese sammies, then came to Little Fat Sheep.

Located on the corner of a strip mall, it was easy to find. Parking was a cinch and we hurriedly walked in since we were starving. 

Upon entering, I notice the decor of the place as very colorful. There were paintings on the walls of sheep grazing in a green pasture. Hmm.. I think I will pass on the lamb tonight.

Our order:

-3 plates of beef
- flounder filet
- fish balls
-seaweed knots
-imitation crab meat
-enoki mushrooms
-shiitake mushrooms
-vermicelli noodles
-fried tofu
-bok choy
- napa cabbage
- winter melon

I loved the half spicy, half regular broth. All the herbs in the broth made it so damn tasty that I didn't even need any extra sauce to dip the meat and veggies in. My faves were the beef, seaweed knots, winter melon, mushrooms, cabbage, bok choy and fish balls. The noodles were too slippery to extract from the broth, so I opted for some white rice. I can't eat hot pot without rice.

Would I come back? At $20 each for 4 people, this is a deal! We were stuffed! Service was a bit slow though. And I think the quality of the beef was not as good as Mizu. However, the green onion pancake was off da hook! I need more now. 

Little Fat Sheep
120 S. Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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Daniel S. said...

Some serious degustation going on here! Vietnamese sammies on route to Little Fat Sheep? Damn!

I love this place but yes quality is what you get for the price. Still need to try Mizu. No excuses--I could walk there and stumble back (maybe).