Sunday, February 8, 2009

Soowon Galbi

My friends and I had been craving KBBQ for a while, and I found this place on Yelp brimming with 5 star reviews. I told them we should go here instead of Chosun, so we all agreed.

Driving up to the place was interesting. Most places in K-town are seedy looking and a bit ghetto, but my friend and I were lucky to find a parking spot right up front. We walk in and the restaurant is very clean, bright and doesn't smell completely smoky. Yay, my hair and clothes won't stink!

We sit down and the 5 of us start to order. Combo A, seafood pancake and some beer. Soju came with the comb, but soju is not one of my fave drinks. I mostly drank some beer, but I was really there for the food. 

Combo A ($99) had brisket, beef ribs, beef sirloin, pork neck, marinated beef sirloin and soup. My fave was the brisket cuz it was thin and not chewy. I found some of the sirloin too chewy for me. The pork neck was surprisingly good, although I am not a fan of pork, ok, except for BACON. I think Chosun still has better quality beef though. 

OMG.. the banchan came out and I was sooo thrilled! Bean sprouts, broccoli, radish, seaweed, kimchee, pancake, and some other stuff I don't know what the names are. My faves were the seaweed, bean sprouts and the pancake. We had 2 of everything for the 5 of us. 

I also liked the lettuce salad they gave us. Goes well with the meat. Speaking of meat, the rice papers were awesome. Those are another must have to eat at KBBQ. Oh, and the soup was pretty good too. 

Seafood pancake was delicious! I love octopus and calamari. It was just a wonderful accompaniment to our meal. 

Would I come back? Yes, for sure. At $25 per person for insane amounts of food, this is def worth the drive.  Just remember to wear your stretchy pants. And put your hair up so it doesn't smell like meat.

Soowon Galbi
856 S. Vermont Ave, #C
Los Angeles, CA 90005


Drew Li said...

Great spot for KBBQ! The rice papers are great with the meat. Mmmmm, meat...

Pandalicious said...

you should go if you havent already!

meat.. is ok. still trying to cut back on meat.

but the side dishes are yum!

kit said...

This place looks like the shiznit - the meat plate LOOKS impressive.

kit said...

Ha! Figured out my sign-in. ;)

Pandalicious said...

dude, when you come down here, me and you are going!!