Monday, February 23, 2009


After gorging on dim sum, we came to Little Tokyo for some Starbucks. But, this place created a diversion for my daughter and she begged me to come in here, saying that her friends told her it was way better than Pinkberry. I obliged, as I usually do when it comes to food.

We walk in and the place is packed! I stood there for a minute wondering what to do since I've never experienced it. Saw the long line and the self serve stations of yogurt and figured out we are supposed to get it ourselves. 

We get in the line and it's barely moving. I'm wondering what is taking so long considering all you have to do is pick your flavor(s) of froyo, load up on toppings, weigh it, pay and enjoy. Wth. Originally, I wasn't going to get anything, but I saw TARO froyo and HAD to get some. It was so worth it though. 

I got vanilla, cookies and cream and taro. All I can remember is the taro had the best flavor, sweet without being overly sweet. My toppings were kinda off since I added kiwi, mango and chocolate sprinkles. None of it really tasted well with the taro. Maybe next time I will just get plain taro with mochi.

Oh, the price was great. 30 cents an ounce. Total for K and I was $5.59. What better way to cap off a greasy meal than with a frozen, inexpensive treat. Pinkberry can kiss it. 

130 S. Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Tmblweed said...

You *do* know that there's a Yogurtland on Sawtelle, on the 2nd floor of the plaza that has Nijiya Market, right? =D

Pandalicious said...

yes, that's where i first saw it. but since i was in the downtown area, we hit this place up!