Friday, April 24, 2009

Mao's Kitchen

After walking 2 miles from Santa Monica to Venice and getting a nice sunburn, we decided to stop here for lunch.

I had the mapo tofu again. What? I love mapo tofu! And I got it with fish, since I am doing no land animals diet again.


It was quite tasty this time. Lots of spicy flavor, big chunks of tofu and medium size pieces of white fish. The tofu came in a huge bowl which I was unable to finish, even though I tried really hard. Oink.

He had the wonton soup which was meh. Broth was too salty and the wontons were huge but the wrappers were too doughy. Not my thang.

3 stars because service was good. Food was aite. Price - $30.

Mao's Kitchen
1512 Pacific Ave
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 581-830


Buddha said...

I really shouldn't have looked at your blog post just now. I'm SUPER hungry. Ugh. Those photos look so damn good - even the wonton soup you said sucked. I sigh...

Tricerapops said...

good stuff. i did the no land animals fast for lent - and i hated it. good luck

Pandalicious said...

Buddha- did you get some chinese food to feed the craving?

Tri- I actually feel alot better without all the meat.. ok, but I had a few of the juicy pork dumplings yesterday at din tai fung. that's it though! :P

Justin said...

hmmm, that ma po tofu looks pretty good. sorry to hear this one was just so-so too.

Pandalicious said...

J- I love mapo tofu! it was pretty good.. but i've had better. :P