Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've been hankering to try this place forever, with all the glowing reviews on Yelp. But, the food wasn't spectacular like I had read.

Service was decent, but there were times where we had to look around for someone to help us. It was pretty loud in there too, and the restaurant got packed soon after we arrived.


Miso soup- this was my favorite dish. It had bits of turnip which I loved and really appreciated. Best miso ever!

Tuna tartare with crispy rice- Tuna was good and a bit spicy. The rice crackers were a bit hard to bite into. Not bad.

Lobster roll- decent, tasty, but nothing awesome. *shrugs

Miso salmon- this was really good, till it became saltier and saltier. My friend agreed it was really salty too, so I know it isn't just my taste buds! We didn't finish it, but the sauce was good.

Scallop dumplings- I liked it! Puffy and soft egg on the outside, stuffed with a teeny tiny scallop in the middle. Yum.

Steamed clams- good dish as well, seasoned well, and not overly salty.

Chocolate Souffle- it was okay, not hot and creamy.. the ice cream it came with tasted better.

Chocolate Mousse- YUM!! I loved it! Mousse with strawberries.. perfect dessert.

We both had the Guava-Chu which was really watered down. I didn't taste any alcohol at all, nor did my friend. So, we had to get a bottle of sake. Yeahhhh!! Now, THAT is how we do it.

Dinner for two was $92 before tip. I'd probably come back, but in no rush to.

424 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 576-6330

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