Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ma'Kai Lounge

I always have fun at Ma'Kai!

We hit up this lounge after Copa and it was pretty poppin.

DJ was spinning music, some Michael Jackson, some hip hop and some house. There was one super drunk girl dancing and she was all over the place! I was like girl, you better not step on me or run into me. Sheesh. Like she was doing circles and stuff all over the dance floor. The guy she was dancing with looked at me and gave me a "I'm not with her" look. Classic.

Drinks were good, $10 each which seems to be the norm around here.

It was super hot and humid inside though, so we left after an hour.

Can't go wrong here if you want a cool place to hang.

Ma'Kai Lounge
101 Broadway Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 434-1511


Buddha said...

I'm sure the look he gave was more of an "I'm not with her - or any other girl, but I would love to get with you" look.

Pandalicious said...

oh boy. lol