Friday, June 26, 2009


After a long day of biking on the beach, my sister and I were starving. We came to Wokano and got our grub on.

The restaurant is huge, 2 stories high and decorated nicely. We got a booth upstairs overlooking the first level.

Service was nice and efficient. I liked it.

Food was pretty good. The prices were a bit steep, but hey, it's a nice place, not Panda Express.

Hamachi with chopped green onion in a citrus ponzu sauce was very refreshing! I loved it! 6 pieces in the appetizer at $6. Definitely try this dish if you like fresh fish.

Hamachi-you know you want some

My sis got the orange crispy chicken and added a complete meal (rice, miso soup and salad) for $3.50 more. It was really good as well, nice n spicy. She said it was too spicy for her, but she still ended up taking it home and eating it.

Firey orange chicken.. notice the big pieces of pepper?

I got the tokyo crabmeat fried rice. Yum yum.. love crabmeat! I liked the cucumbers in the rice, which popped up like refreshing lil surprises. And they use real crabmeat, no imitation crap here!

yummy.. rice.. carbs.. cucumbers

I'm starving.. let me eat.

Bill was about $40 before tip. I'd come back for sure, especially since I am always at the beach.

1413 5th St
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 458-3080


Justin said...

you mean you actually liked this place?

Pandalicious said...

haha yeah.. surprising eh.

chat to text said...

Bookmarked the address.

Thanks for the post.

What more can you ask? Santa Monica, Beach, Orange Chicken?

Pandalicious said...

thanks for stopping by! yep, gotta love the beach area!

spd06rcr said...

The owner is a friend of mine, so he hooks me up with fresh sushi all the time!