Monday, June 22, 2009

Ocean Park Omelette Parlor

Yeah, this place is alright. Nothing special really.

Came here on Sunday cuz my sister was craving omelettes. I don't really eat breakfast, but hey, she's visiting, so I had to oblige.

There was a small wait, but we got a seat on the outdoor patio no problem.

I was kinda irked that they come around with fresh OJ and coffee and ask if you want some right when you sit down. Why? Cuz the OJ was $3 and I guess my hungover ass didn't realize that OJ wasn't free. Duh. $3 is damn pricey for juice though.

I had the omelette with red and green bell peppers topped with an insane amount of salsa. It came with a side of potatoes and some fruit garnish.

Portions here are ginormous. 3 egg omelette for $10 is a decent price.. But, we both couldn't finish our dishes. Potatoes were da bomb though and I tried hard to eat them all. Alas, the belly was like hells no.

Decent place to try, but not sure I'd come back.

Ocean Park Omelette Parlor
2732 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 399-7892

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