Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gordon Ramsay @ The London WeHo

Mr. Ramsay, you failed to deliver.

My date and I were so excited to try this restaurant, but alas, it wasn't a 5 star experience.

Service was slow in the beginning, since we waited about 10 minutes after being sat down before the waiter appeared to take our drink order. Tables were a bit too close together, I didn't really want to hear the stupid conversation of the 16 year olds dining next to us. It was absurd really, these two making out and then asking for "a piece of cooked fish" that wasn't on the menu.

But, whatevs.

We both had a glass of Darting Riesling to start which was quite delish. I ended up having 2 glasses and getting a nice buzz.

I love Riesling

They brought out potato chips with the bombest chive foam ever! I couldn't get enough of the chive foam which was basically sour cream mixed with chives. It was so good, I asked for another serving. Oink. After that, they gave us some good ass bread. It was rosemary and chive flavor and so addictive!

chips n dip

mmm... carbolicious

i loved the chive foam!

Then the appetizers came and this is where it started going downhill.

Salmon Gravlax: too chewy and overall nothing special. Disappointing.

not good

Hamachi with caviar: this was pretty good. I love hamachi and the caviar added lots of flavor to the well seasoned fish.

a good hamachi dish

Curry scallops: Umm.. No. Too salty and what's up with the foam? I didn't like it at all, nor did he.

not that good and small portion

Lobster Risotto: Pretty tasty, albeit the presentation was kinda meh. The peas gave it some nice crunch and made me feel like I was getting some greens.

good chunks of lobster in here

White Chocolate Parfait: Interesting dessert. I liked it, he didn't. The parfait was supple and refreshing. But, it wasn't the best thing ever.

prettier than it tasted

For a meal costing around $120 before tip, this was not worth it. I'd much rather go to XIV.

complimentary chocolates and wine candy

I leave you with a restroom pic. love the mirrors.

Gordon Ramsay
The London West Hollywood
1020 N San Vicente Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 358-7788


Tricerapops said...

i guess he's sold the place now, so it only carries his name (he probably gets some sort of royalty from that or something). I've heard too many mixed reviews to spend the coin there, and your review sealed it.

Pandalicious said...

yeah, def dont bother!

Daniel S. said...

El Gordo's restaurant empire appears to be in trouble right now, especially with the economic downturn. And I read elsewhere that the Hell's Kitchen winner lasted just two weeks before being ousted. Ouch!

Pandalicious said...

daniel- i have never seen hell's kitchen.. but i heard he is freakin nuts! as far as this restaurant goes, he should really remove his name from it.

Anonymous said...

lets get this straight so gordon ramsay is not the owner anymore and nor responsible for the menu because me and my mom are big hells kitchen fans and i plan to take her there for her birthday just because supposely its his signature food btw. Pandalicious your review was awesome thank you i might have saved lots of $$$ thanks to you.

Daniel S. said...

Anonymous: Gordon sold the restaurant earlier this year, but his name remains and he has some control over menu and operations (although that is debatable). Source:

Also, since you two are big HK fans, you might want to stop by Santa Monica Seafood, which is helmed by Scott Leibfried-one of Ramsay's sous chefs (he has a shaved head) on the show. You just might seem him there.

Anonymous said...

after looking at those meal pics it doesn't look worthy of the money to pay for it at the london W.H
yeah i know that dude my sis met him once so its a seafood place and how are the prices and the menu there?

Pandalicious said...

anon- totally not worth it. i believe dinner was about $130 for 2.