Sunday, July 26, 2009

BLT Steak

Still my fave steak house in LA!

We came here Friday night right after making a reservation 10 min before showing up.

Service was great, waiter was funny and took care of us, bus boys made sure our waters were filled and table was clean.

Man, those huge popovers are the shiet. I could eat 5 of those and call it a day. Add some of the pate they serve you and it's a damn good meal.

We ordered a ton of food. In retrospect, it was way too much, but hey, we like to indulge!

Lobster: $90!! What?! I know, right? But, it was 3 lbs of lobstery goodness and came in this huge metal plate topped off with bread crumbs. OMFG. Sooooo effen good!!

Duck: Wow, another stellar dish. I had the breast cooked medium and it was still tender as ever. Yum yum yum! Quack quack! I didn't get a chance to eat the thigh, since there was so much breast to eat. But, well worth it at $33.

Wasabi mashed potatoes: Very delish. Slightly spicy and really buttery. I think this by itself is about 500 calories per spoonful.

Poached green beans: Wow, surprisingly great tasting dish! A bit salty, but it had great garlic flavor and was one of our faves of the night.

Gnocchi: Not very good at all. Don't bother. Too heavy and chewy.

Squash blossoms: Ehh.. another meh dish. Fried and too salty. We didn't like this at all.

I had the raspberry drink which was okay, not good enough for me to finish. I ALWAYS finish my alcohol. So, yeah, pass on that. He had the Riesling which was not that good either. I like sweeter Riesling and this one was a bit dry.

Our bill was $221 before tip. Blame it on the $90 lobster. But, it was a damn satisfying!

BLT Steak
8720 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 360-1950


Daniel S. said...

Do you know how this place compares to BOA or Mastro's?

Pandalicious said...

never been to mastro's.. but this place trumps BOA. by far.

Buddha said...

You know how to live...

The lobster looks and sounds amazing. The wasabi mashed potatoes... I want to bathe in a big tub of them... with gravy. Throw in a ribeye and I think I'm done. Mastro's is ok.

Tricerapops said...

i've had some close colleagues give this place the uber thumbs down, which makes me hesitate. i'm more for food over scene, which this place is being accused of catering to the latter - but i'm willing to give it a go based on this glowing review. might need to add it to the list....

Pandalicious said...

Buddha- the lobster was phenomenal.

T- I've been to BLT 4x now and never been disappointed. My former bosses loved it as well and they are uber demanding i-bankers. Actually dont think this place is sceney at all. That would be STK which sucks.

Justin said...

the BLT restaurants are some of my absolute favorites here in NYC... they do amazing short ribs

Tricerapops said...

ah shame on me, i think you're right - STK is the scene-y place. BLT is on the list!

Pandalicious said...

Justin- I still have yet to try the ribs. that's def next!