Monday, July 27, 2009

Villa Blanca

Stopped by here for lunch today and wasn't very impressed. It's pretty pretentious and the food wasn't all that.

Look, I get that this is Beverly Hills, but the restaurant that used to be here, Trilussa was way better.

Anyway, apparently this place is owned by the same guy who owns Sur over on Robertson. But, Sur has better food and service.

the white menu to go with the white decor

We sat outside on the patio next to an older couple and two older ladies. I guess this place caters to an older crowd, mostly over 40.

complimentary bread with olive oil and olives

Food was nothing special. I ordered the dover sole with broccolini and fingerling potatoes. It came drenched in butter! WTF. I didn't much care for the sole, but the broccolini was good and the potatoes weren't too shabby. I left most of my dish cuz it just didn't do it for me.

My DC had the nicoise salad. Ehh.. it was okay, kinda bland if you ask me, but he liked it. I thought the green beans were the best part.

The waitress was okay. This place was okay. I don't think I'd come back though. It was pretty pricey for the food that we got. Lunch was about $45.

Villa Blanca
9601 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 859-7600


Tricerapops said...

haha, this blog is great because you're going to places that i haven't even heard of! keep it up - i'm taking notes! isn't it crazy how bev hills can be such hit and miss with the food offerings?

Pandalicious said...

thanks! yes.. i love yu n mi sushi in BH, must review soon.