Monday, August 17, 2009

Mama's Lu- Best Green Onion Pancakes

I was looking for a new place to eat XLB, and came across Mama's Lu from a few blogs. $4 per order of XLB instead of $8? Sounds like a deal to me!

We came here yesterday to test out the XLB, and unfortunately, they did not measure up to Din Tai Fung. Yeah yeah, I know some of you are haters, but since this is my review, I get the final say. DTF still rules in XLB!!

Since I'm the native Taiwanese, I did all the ordering. Apparently, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, cuz I ordered way too much food.

Pork belly with preserved veggies: Hmm.. this was interesting. We didn't much care for it, way too fatty. Yeah, I know it's the pig's belly, but nah, not so much. I'll pass on this.

Green onion pancake: DING DING DING!! We have a winner. This is hands down the best green onion pancake in LA! It was so crispy that when you bit down, you could hear the crunch. Mmm.. my mouth just watered. Great onion flavor with good flakiness. LOVED IT. Highly recommended. And cheap at $1.99.

best in LA

Beef noodle soup: My second favorite dish. Came with oodles of noodles, along with nice chunks of beef, a good hearty broth and a fair amount of lettuce. The only thing it lacked was spice. But, then again, I like my food with a kick.

lots of beef

and noodles

Shrimp fried rice: ehhh.. this was ordinary. I can't vouch for it, cuz I can make better rice at home. But, huge portion! My kid liked it alot, so I guess that counts for something. DTF has better shrimp fried rice, even though their portion is measly.

Juicy pork XLB: Whoa, these suckers are twice the size of DTF, but only half as good. The skin was too thick and doughy. I did not much care of these, nor did my dining companions. And we are hardcore XLB fans. Ooops.. $4 is cheap, but I'd rather pay more for better.

Service was very friendly and they waiter was kind enough to pack up all our leftovers with a smile. We had leftovers of everything. I accidentally ordered 3 orders of XLB, so he packed up 20 dumplings while teasing us. Service with a smile at an Asian place? Almost unheard of.

All this food was $40. Cheap. But, I'd only come back for the green onion pancakes. Everything else was just okay.

Mama's Lu
153 E Garvey Avenue
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 307-5700


Daniel S. said...

Oh too funny. You're absolutely right--last time I checked, this is your blog and this is your review so all the DTF haters can go start their own blog and trash-talk on DTF all they want!

For many, including this household, DTF is the measuring stick which all other XLB joints must measure up to and it's no accident. Their dumplings are incredibly fresh, juicy, and full of explosive flavor. When my in-laws are in town, that's where they want to go. Period.

Pork belly: I can't say I've ever had this (style) anywhere but it does look fatty here. I'd still try it.

The pancake looks very crunchy. Was it crispy throughout or did it have a soft center? This is my kind of comfort food.

You can tell from the photos that the dumpling skin is very thick; it's almost towel-like and it probably needs to be considering the size. I'm guessing many people like it that way as this place is rated favorably on Yelp.

I know I need to try this place. Everytime we're out this way we keep going to our favorites DTF, NBC, Phoenix Inn, etc.

Pandalicious said...

the pancake was crispy, yet soft on the inside. mmm mm good. it really was the best pancake ever. i could have ate the entire thing.

i know, DTF is the best dumplings, hands down! but, this place is really cheap. DTF is kinda pricey.

Daniel S. said...

True, DTF is pricier and if not careful, it can add up to $20-$25/person. Order some take-out dumplings from DTF and pick up a pancake from Mama's Lu and you're all set :).

Pandalicious said...

you're so smart. haha.. good idea. DTF might not taste good to go. but, def will have to pick up some pancakes to take home!

Kung Food Panda said...

I too am a big fan of the green onion cake. For $2, I could probably eat 2-3 orders of that and call it a day! :)

Pandalicious said...

Kung Fu- yep, i came here based on your rec in your blog! thx!

Justin said...

we can get some great green onion pancakes here in nyc... i wonder how they compare