Thursday, August 13, 2009


After my last jaunt to Simbala in Rowland Heights and being highly satisfied with the deliciously wonderful Taiwanese food, I had to check out their sister or cousin restaurant, Sinbala in Arcadia.

My boy and I made the trek yesterday from the Westside to the SGV. It took about 40 minutes to get here and another 20 minutes of waiting to get a table.

Seeing all the Asians waiting outside made me feel good that Sinbala would not disappoint. It's pretty small inside, but they bust out the food quickly.

We sat at a small table next to a table of 4 women who ordered a bunch of noodles, noodle soup, oyster pancake and sausage. I was salivating just looking at their table.

I ordered in Mandarin with bits of English. What.. I don't know how to say "Pumpkin" in Chinese.

Green onion pancakes: as good as the cousin restaurant. Crispy, slightly greasy with a nice scallion flavor.

Sausage with garlic: DANG. I guess it is true. You haven't had Chinese sausage till you've had it with slices of fresh garlic. The pungent and spicy garlic really complements the sweet/salty of the sausage. Divine!

make sure you eat some mints after this dish

Pumpkin rice noodles: Awwwww hells yeah. Tasted as good as before. Love all the pumpkin bits. Huge portion too, we had to take it to go.

heaping plate of pumpkin noodles

Noodles with spicy brown sauce: We call it Ja Jiang Mein. - Clearly these noodles are for the meat and spice lover. I loved it. I thought the thin slices of cucumber gave it a nice crunch and welcome coolness.

look at all that meaty sauce

How much did this all cost? $20. I know!! What a deal! And we took leftovers home of ALL the dishes. Gotta love the SGV for cheap eats.

651 W Duarte Rd, Ste F
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 446-0886


Daniel S. said...

At first glance of the sausage and garlic picture, I thought it resembled a dessert, but then after reading the text I quickly realized this dish is about as savory as they get. Chinese sausage has an intense, packed boldness to it, so with all that garlic you must have been deep in flavor country.

And, wow, someone is fan of those noodles! The pumpkin noodles here look better (at least from the photo) compared to the ones at the other location. Were they about the same?

Ja Jiang Mein - that looks incredibly spicy, but very delicious, and the fresh cucumber must have been a welcomed antidote to all that heat.

I might be going here tomorrow (after a cheap massage!).

Great write-up as usual.

Pandalicious said...

yay! cant wait to read your review on it.

which massage place you going to? i just went to clean foot spa in MP last week. good stuff.

yes, those noodles are soo addictive. they tasted the same.. but the ones here looked better!

Daniel S. said...

We're going to a place called Master Wong on Valley Blvd; our friend who frequents the place gave it a good review. I'll let you know how it goes. And hopefully we'll have time to hit Simbala afterward :). Thanks!

SinoSoul said...

you went to BOTH Sinbalas within a month? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hard core.