Friday, August 21, 2009

Pho Show or Maybe Not

I ran my butt off on the treadmill today so I could indulge in some pho. Ok, I lied. I power walked for 30 minutes. But, I sweated tons. Does that count?

After the "run", my friend and I came here since it was down the street from her place. Located next to a Thai massage place, Pho Show stands out with its bright sign. We parked on the street and walked in eagerly for some pho.

Service was mediocre at best. The waitress barely smiled and didn't even know if the pho with white fish was good. Hmm, isn't that part of your job? Knowing how the food tastes?

I opted for the tofu pho since I'm being healthy and I love tofu. My friend got the combo pho with beef, tripe, balls and other stuff.

$6.95 each for small bowls. Pho came within 7 minutes and we started digging in.

I liked my pho, but it really only came with chunks of tofu. No veggies at all. Bummer. I added a ton of bean sprouts and basil to the mix. Cock sauce was added as well, however, I put way too much cuz my nose started running. Sheesh. I'm a wuss with that sauce.

tofu pho

My friend said her pho was okay. And, she's Vietnamese so she knows good pho.

It's about a 2.5 overall. I prefer Pho Citi in Westwood for their veggie tofu pho.

Total bill - $18 after tax and tip. Not sure I'd come back, it was just really mediocre.

Pho Show
4349 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 398-5200


Daniel S. said...

Probably the best thing about this place is the ample amount of free parking. parking, those are some welcomed, rare words for the westside foodie.

Our reviews are pretty much in tune with each other. Service was equally mediocre and lethargic. I ordered the large bowl of the rare beef pho and it was short on the beef and noodles. I finished this and half of another and was still hungry. Overall the taste was just meh. The broth isn't bad, better than Phoreign. Haven't tried Pho Citi but that's on my list--along with the 10,000 other restaurants I keep mentioning to you =).

Nice photo capture of that bowl. Wow you do like your basil!

Pandalicious said...

free parking? we had to pay the meter for 1 hr.

yeah dude, the service was so lackadaisical. i was like wtf? wake up!!

pho citi is the best pho on the westside, but i only had the veggie pho there.. so i cant comment on the beef..

i love basil!!

Daniel S. said...

oh you're right about the parking -- I think we parked when the meters weren't in effect. This place will get away with bad service and boring flavors because it's the only pho shop in town. Well at least I enjoyed my "33" beer.