Monday, August 24, 2009

(Un)lucky Star Seafood Restaurant

Ever had really bad dim sum where you just want to throw your chopsticks at the people working there? That was me yesterday while dining at the "Lucky Star". More like Unlucky Star if you ask me.

We were craving dim sum after a morning of hanging by the pool. So, I went on Yelp and saw that this place had an overall rating of 4 stars. We headed over here from Downtown San Diego and were all excited to get our grub on.

It was just downhill from there. Service was lacking, if there was any. The food was not fresh, hardly warm and some of the dishes were even cold. WTF!

Shrimp dumplings (har gow)- ugh, the shrimp was hard and chewy. Granted, it was hot, but tasted like rubber.

Tripe- now, this dish I actually ate myself and finished it all. Not bad, but nothing special.

Sticky rice- Ehh.. just gross. I can't even bear to remember it.

Fried taro dumplings- COLD. ugh. Not good.

sticky rice, tripe, taro dumplings

Fried pork dumplings- Cold as well. It tasted better than the taro though. But, cold food is unacceptable.

Pork pastry- OMG. Cold again. It was hard to chew and just tasted nasty.

Yellow custard bun- Blah. My kid hated it, and she loves sweets.

yellow custard bun, fried pork dumplings, pork pastry, har gow

I ordered turnip cake from the waiter and he looked at me blanky. Umm.. ok. So, I assumed that he didn't understand. 15 minutes later, this lady comes out with a plate of turnip cake. WTH? I was in shock, but ate it anyway. It tasted okay, but it was too soft and the bottom was burnt. *SIGH*

The 3 of us left more than 50% of the food uneaten. When the waiter asked us if we wanted to take leftovers home, I immediately said no and shook my head furiously. Had to make sure he understood. He gave me a look like "why you waste food". Well, I wouldn't waste food if it was edible!

1.5 stars rounded up to 2. All this cost $35! What. Ever.

Don't come here. You will not leave with a happy tummy.

Lucky Star Seafood Restaurant
3893 54th St
San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 229-8228


Daniel S. said...

A foodie at heart, you did your homework and found a 4-star dim sum place on Yelp, only to get (un)Lucky with the selection :-O. *Sigh*.

I know we can get accustomed to SGV's arsenal of quality dim sum restaurants, but still, bad food is bad food! Especially food that's cold when it should be warm. Ehh! That's the worst in my book. Hope the rest of your SD eats fared better.

Pandalicious said...

I know.. it was horrible. Even the chinese food place at the mall had better dim sum than this restaurant. ugh..

Buddha said...

Sounds like you stumbled into food hell...

Pandalicious said...

yes, but redeemed it today with decent dim sum.