Thursday, August 27, 2009

Westin San Diego

My daughter's birthday was last weekend, so I booked us a room here for our lil getaway. Since I'm a AAA member, I snagged a Westin Workout room for $223 a night. Woot woot! Got me a treadmill so I could run my butt off after dinner.

Anyway, we got to the hotel at 2 pm and the room wasn't ready yet. The people in there had requested a late checkout. I was hoping that it would be ready since it took 3 hours to get to SD from LA. But, whatevs.

We went to get some lunch, then came back at 4 pm and checked in. The room was on the 21st floor with a nice view of the marina.

I had requested 2 doubles beds, but that was unavailable so we had a rollaway bed put inside.

The king bed was so uncomfortable that we both had kinks in our necks and back the next morning. Heavenly bed my ass! Also, what was up with the sheets? I felt like I was sleeping in some rough cactus shrubbery.

My kid liked her rollaway bed so I guess that's good.

Checked out the pool Sunday morning and it was quite small. There were lounge chairs around the pool though so I laid out and enjoyed the sun while my kid swam.

Some lady was swimming laps in the small ass pool and told my daughter to move. Good thing I didn't hear her cuz she would have gotten yelled at. It ain't an olympic pool biatch, move yo ass. And go pick on someone your own size.

We tried to get coffee at Starbucks in the lobby, but they closed at 11 am. WTF? That's lame. So, we had to get coffee down the street at Coffee Bean. Inconvenient.

Dual shower heads were nice. They did not have body wash in the toiletries. Boo on that.

And the kicker.. I accidentally left my Juicy sandals in the room and didn't realize it till i got back to LA. Called the hotel and reported it to Lost N "Found". Got a call back from them saying they never found my shoes. LIARS! I know for a fact that I left my shoes there. Obviously, your housekeeping staff took them. Whatever. I don't understand why someone would take some used shoes, but ENJOY! Biatch.

Won't be coming back here. I wish the W wasn't booked, because our stay with them was 100 times better.

Westin San Diego
400 W Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 239-4500


Daniel S. said...

So here's what happened, as soon as you called Lost n "Found" (very appropriate BTW), the staff seriously went finders-keepers on that tip and now some maid is sportin' new sandals. I lost a nice dress shirt that way--I knew I left it in the closet. I knew exactly where it was and guess what? They "couldn't find it."

Sorry to hear about that, and the bed. What gives? And the room wasn't ready?

And then some lady told your daughter to move?! Yeah that would probably trigger an outburst from me.

But, happy birthday to your daughter :), and I hope the rest of your getaway was nice.

Pandalicious said...

omg, don't you hate thieves?!

yeah, bed was horrible. i had to get a massage yesterday to work out the kinks.

thanks! i will pass along the msg. stay tuned for a good rest. review coming up.

Anonymous said...

That's sux. I hate hotels.