Sunday, August 30, 2009

My First Attempt at Ong Choy

After eating ong choy at Seafood Village a couple weeks ago, I've become obsessed with this "water spinach". I even ordered it again the next day at Little Hong Kong Cafe on Sawtelle. They charged $9.95 for the dish! I decided that such a simple veggie should be easy to stir fry. And boy was I right! Went to Ranch 99 today and bought a pound of it for $1.79. Score!

First, clean and trim the ong choy.

Cut into smaller pieces, making sure to toss the rough ends

Saute chopped garlic in some olive oil

Throw in the ong choy and stir fry with the garlic

Keep stir frying till the ong choy wilts down, about 5 minutes

Voila! Take ong choy off heat and transfer to a plate

Enjoy over steamed white rice if you aren't afraid of carbs

This was so good, even my daughter liked it! Yep, kids do eat veggies. As long as they taste good. It's all gone now. *rubs belly*


Daniel S. said...

Looks delicious, Amy!
When you say chop the rough ends, are those the bottom tips? $1.79 for a home-made dish that costs $9.95 at a nearby restaurant, so you saved quite a bit of money. Your daughter is definitely getting her veggies...a foodie in training :-D

SinoSoul said...

hell yes for empty heart veggie.

I like to separate the hard hollow ends from the leafy tender tips. Keeping the long stalks separate, I can make a saltier version of Chinese watercress with black bean, a bit of dry anchovies and tons of jalapeno peppers.

Pandalicious said...

thx Daniel! yes, the bottom tips. Ong Choy is so good, but damn, it takes while to clean and trim.

Sino- yeah, love this water spinach. i'll have to add some jalapeno next time. good idea. no anchovies tho. ew.

kit said...

Yum! It's one of my fave veggies too. We also steam it and then dip it in a spicy shrimp paste sauce. Makes my mouth water thinking about it. *Off to find some ong choy in Perth*

Pandalicious said...

spicy shrimp paste? hmm.. never heard of that before. any good?

kit said...

Yes it's delish. It's what I call "village people food" from Vietnam. :)

Justin said...

i'm not sure how old your daughter is, but she must be a great eater... most kids would run from veggies like this.

Pandalicious said...

Justin- She's 9 and it was only recently that she has been into veggies. The secret is garlic. She's a huge fan.