Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chaya Venice Happy Hour

My friend and I came here last night to check out their happy hour from 5-7 pm. We walked in at 5:02 pm and there were already 6-7 other people there. Dang, what recession?

My first impression was, wow, this is Cougarville! Rawwwwrrrrrr. I'm just a lil Puma in training. Moving on...

Happy hour features appetizers and sushi rolls along with 2 different drinks. 2 drinks?! WTF right? I had the Slingchi martini and my friend had the Juicy Infusion. Both tasted way too effen strong. I didn't much care for mine. So, we ended up ordering a large cold Nigori sake at $20.

Slingchi martini- blech

sake, the evil of the evening

In terms of food, we ordered a bunch of sushi, all $4-$5 each.

Spicy shrimp roll: pretty tasty, probably my favorite roll of the evening.

Tuna tartare: meh, the tuna was too big and chunky and didn't have much flavor. Dislike.

Oyster dynamite: Too much mayo on this thing. Dislike again.

Spicy tuna roll: It was okay, nothing special about it or memorable.

Salmon, cucumber, avocado roll: Ehh.. was okay as well. My favorite part was the cucumber.

So, overall, happy hour food here is mediocre. Drinks are mediocre. Service was okay. The waitress gave us the wrong bill which was less than our correct bill. Then, after she rang it up, she told us she had to ring up the right bill. Umm yeah. Total bill for the evening- $65.

Were we happy? Yeah sure, after all that sake. But, the food leaves little to be desired.

Chaya Venice
110 Navy Street
Venice, CA 90293
(310) 396-1179


kit said...

Lil Puma in training? I love it! LOL.

Daniel S. said...

I remember visiting Chaya Venice a while back and was mostly underwhelmed by food and service. The spicy shrimp looks decent and would probably be my favorite as well. The tune tartare looks odd, like chunks of orange rock candy. Oyster dynamite -- I mean seriously can you get some oyster with that mayo? And both the spicy tuna and the salmon/cucumber roll have quite a high rice-to-fish ratio but I suppose that's to keep the hour hour prices down.

I really like your pictures. It looks like you had lots of nice ambient light.

I think I would like the Slingchi martini -- I tend to prefer the overly strong drinks.

Funny you mention Cougarville--I knew of a 20-something coworker who used to frequent this place.

Pandalicious said...

kit- heheh.. you know it!

daniel- seriously, the food was MEH. thx, i use my iphone! can you believe it? it only takes good pix in light tho, no flash. haha.. i must have gone on cougar night cuz there were many many women over the age of 40. i felt young for once! LOL