Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden Cafe- Dinner For 4 Under $30

After a long day in nature, walking around the Descanso Gardens, we came to Garden Cafe in search of some hearty food. My first thought was "Whoa, this place has a C rating!?!" I told my friend that we better not get sick. She said the food was good.

Sat down at a round table and started reading the menu with photos. We were all hungry for carbs so the 3 of us ordered Shrimp chow mein, wonton lo mein, and beef stew with wonton lo mein. Can you say OINK OINK?

Service sucked, but that's to be expected at an Asian place. We had to wait a while for the waiter to take our order. At least when he did, the food came out pretty fast.

Shrimp chow mein came first and it was okay. Lots of starch on it and the veggie were hard to chew. I hate when they don't cut up the veggies. I could possibly choke on it. No, they did not offer knives and I wasn't in the mood to ask.

My wonton lo mein and my friends beef stew lo mein arrived next. I swear, all the dishes looked the same, but just had different meat on it.

Oh ya, they give you a bowl of broth so you can make your noodles into soup noodles. They actually tasted much better!

side of broth..

voila! wonton noodle soup

beef stew/wonton lo mein

I added a ton of hot chili sauce to my noodles and it tasted 10x better.

Overall, it was a cheap place to eat at. But, nothing really stood out in my mind. Oh yes. The price did. All this food, plus an order of hainan chicken to go was $29! Dayam. And we had leftovers. It's the equivalent of eating at McDonald's, except Asian.

Garden Cafe
228 W. Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 289-1833

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