Friday, October 23, 2009

Manna BBQ @ Fox Hills Malls

*Manna has closed*

I really was looking forward to dinner here last night, but I felt like they were trying too hard.. There was a guy outside the restaurant telling people to come in. Maybe he was being overly friendly, but I felt a bit harassed.

We sat down and I wanted to get the AYCE for $16.99 but my friend didn't. It sucks because if one person wants AYCE, everyone else has to get AYCE. I guess it kinda makes sense, but it put a damper in our ordering and I had to end up ordering something else. Whatevs.

We decided to get the Galbi ($25.95) and soon tofu ($12.99). I was shocked at the price of Galbi but the waitress said it was 2 big strips.

Side dishes come out and they are decent. Potato salad, fish cake, spinach, kimchee, some radish thing and rice paper. My faves were the fish cake, spinach, potato salad and rice paper. Potato salad had apples it in, but it was heavy on mayo. Rice paper dipped in sesame oil with salt was bomb.

They brought the galbi out and it was 2 huge rolls of meat. The guy had to cut it with scissors which was interesting. The meat itself was pretty tender, well marinated, but there were some chewy pieces. I think the meat at Chosun still rules.

Soon tofu was very meh at best. We ordered spicy and it came out not spicy at all, so we sent it back. It was supposed to be seafood soon tofu, but I seriously only saw 2 pieces of tiny shrimp in there. What seafood?! I would not recommend this if you are a true soon tofu lover.

Service was good for the most part. They have the call buttons at the tables so that's always convenient. I also liked how we got extra panchan with no attitude.

Overall, this place is decent, but I'd come back for the AYCE because at $16.99 you can't beat that. Dinner for 2 was $50 after tax and tip. One plus was no stinky hair or clothes after!

Manna BBQ
294 Fox Hills Mall
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 397-9900

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