Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yeah. I admit it. I ate McDonald's for breakfast today. And I fed some to my child. *Gasp*

Blame it on the damn Monopoly game everyone is playing! It's freakin addictive!

So addictive that I ordered FOUR hash browns!! Umm yeah.. I only ate 1. So there. My daughter had the other 3.

I also had a nonfat iced mocha which came with a shitload of whipped cream. Um. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of nonfat?!

Of course, I scooped out the cream. She should have asked me if I wanted whipped cream.

But, anyways.

Hash browns were okay, a bit salty though. I still like my Trader Joe's hash browns the best.

$8.73 for this meal. I won 3 railroads! Just need one more to win $500. So, who has #126? I'll trade ya for Atlantic Ave worth $25k if you have the other 3 yellows.

10451 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 474-3160



lol i have a mcdonalds post coming up too. their hashbrowns are bombass

SinoSoul said...

z.omg. haha! Recently I've had MCD's iced tea. That's it. Not so bad! but dang.. a full meal.. don't tell your kids!

Pandalicious said...

fries and hash browns! that's it!

Daniel S. said...

I love that picture with the iced mocha...and...wait I'm still counting...FOUR hash browns!! I don't blame you one bit for serving McD's to your girl. Kids love this stuff; a trip here makes their day.