Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taiwanese Hamburger

I just enjoyed one of the best burgers ever for breakfast. And, no it was not breakfast burger from a fast food place.

I picked up this gem from JJ Bakery in Arcadia the other day after dining at Din Tai Fung. Wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it looked damn tasty with the fried egg on top.

When I bit into the burger, it brought back childhood memories of being in Taiwan. I immediately recognized the sweet mayo topping along with the crisp cool cucumber. What a great flavor combo! The fried egg was a nice touch and brought the entire burger together nicely.

Now, if I can only find that sweet mayo sauce so I can duplicate this delightful journey back in time.


Daniel S. said...

That looks and sounds so good! Really wish we had these closer to the west side.

kit said...

Yummy!! I love fried eggs on anything. =P

Follow Me Foodie said...

Mmmm I love how Asians put fried eggs on everything! Makes it delicious. Did this one still have a runny yolk? I would like that.

I was in Spain a couple years ago and they made burgers with fried eggs as well. I was quite surprised.

Pandalicious said...

No, it was over hard.. and i ate it cold! it was STILL good cold!

damn, i need to get to spain! i keep hearing how the food there is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I just adore Taiwan breakfast burgers. Where can I find them in Singapore or Malaysia?