Monday, December 14, 2009

Dim Sum @ Elite Restaurant

Came here yesterday via recommendations from a few different people. I knew that there were no carts which made for fresher dim sum, but the lack of carts took away from the experience. It just felt like we were ordering food at a Chinese restaurant.

Sure, the food was good, but I did notice that the turnip cake was different from the other dim sum places I've been to. I ordered the fried one first, and it came cut up in little chunks with slices of fried egg on it. It was good, and a tad spicy, but I just wanted my regular fried turnip cake that came in squares.

fried turnip cake

So, I ordered the steamed turnip cake and it came in a round dish with big chunks of turnip in there. It was good, but I wish the turnips were cut smaller.

steamed turnip cake

One dish that really stood out was the fried taro. OMG, the 3 of us all loved it. Crispy, flaky and yummy at the same time. This was a winner.

crystal shrimp, fried taro, mango pudding

The crystal shrimp dumplings were huge, albeit a bit dry. Some hot sauce solved that right away.

I also liked the Chinese broccoli because they were steamed well and easy to chew. The other ones I've had were way too hard to sink my teeth into.

Steamed pork buns were another great dish. We all liked the flavor and the soft buns.

steamed pork buns, steamed yellow sweet buns, chinese broccoli, fried taro

The steamed yellow sweet bun were way too runny on the inside. None of us liked that at all. I think it should have been cooked more.

Crispy shrimp rolls were okay, but I prefer the regular shrimp rolls better. They weren't really crispy at all, more like chewy with the fried yo tiao in the middle.

Fried shrimp dumplings were decent, my BF liked those the best. It came with a dipping sauce which helped the flavor.

Service was pretty good and we only waited 15 minutes on a Sunday. Granted it was 1:45 pm, but we eat lunch late.

Our bill was around $44 which is about right for the amount of food we got. I'll come back and order some other stuff next time. Kinda sad they didn't have my steamed tripe though. But for dim sum though, I'm more into the whole hustle and bustle of the carts.

Elite Restaurant
700 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 282-9998


kit said...

I miss having some dim sum. They call it "Yum Cha" in Australia.

Jennifer N. said...

I went to Elite a couple of months ago, and I came away with similar thoughts - I miss the carts! It's not as much of a gamble that you'll be able to get what you want at Elite, but isn't that part of the fun of dim sum?

I thought it was tasty, though, and we didn't have to wait either.

Pandalicious said...

Kit- yeah, that's the cantonese way of saying it. how's the dim sum there?

Jennifer- hmm.. it's true. the carts are part of the authentic dim sum experience.

Daniel S. said...

I came here once and thought the quality was very good, but I still prefer the carts smashing up against you =). The wait at this place is insane as it's a smaller restaurant. Great food, but NBC Seafood is still my #1 pick for good dim sum.

Pandalicious said...

I will have to check out NBC then. thanks D!

kit said...

Yum Cha in Australia (specifically, Perth) has been OK. It's not the same as in the States. But, we have a few more places to try dim sum.