Friday, December 11, 2009

Yabu- Braised Pork Goodness

I've heard so much about Yabu and it's awesome soba, so my friend and I decided to try it last night.

We pulled up to the $2 valet and walked in. Wow, it was packed and really loud! We had to sit by the door, next to a drunk woman at the bar, but oh wells. It was kinda annoying every time the door opened since the cold air would just blow in. But, hey, nothing a lil down home cooking couldn't fix right?

We started off with the braised pork which was so tender and delicious, I almost wanted to get another one. This was easily my favorite dish of the evening. I think everyone should try it! Even if you aren't a pork lover. The meat was perfectly seasoned and fork tender. Yummy.

melt in your mouth pork

Next up was the cold tofu salad. I ordered this because I felt the need for greens. The tofu was good, salad was okay. Arugula was kickin'! Dressing was a bit sharp as well.

Steamed shrimp shumai came next and it was decent, but forgettable. I had one and gave the other three to my friend. It was kinda dry and boring.

For my entree, I got the ground chicken rice bowl. It was ginormous! I quite enjoyed it. Great flavor, along with the egg. It tasted better all mixed up of course. I gave my friend 1/3 of my bowl and I still couldn't finish the rest! This was comfort food to the bone. Highly recommend this as well, especially at $8 a bowl.

My buddy got the tempura soba which came in a rather large bowl as well. He liked it, but thought my chicken bowl was way better. I had some of the soba and found it to be a bit gritty, not really the best soba I've had. Personally, I think Gonpachi hasa better soba. I also didn't like that they put the tempura in the soup. It got all soggy and non-appetizing. Tempura tastes better when it's crispy and served on the side.

Overall, I liked the food. Service was lacking. It was hard to get the waiter's attention. The table next to us finally flagged down the waiter because they waited 30 minutes to get their fried chicken order. Yikes.

I'll come back when I'm craving some braised pork and chicken rice bowl.

Yabu Restaurant
11820 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 473-9757

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