Thursday, December 10, 2009

9021Pho. Don't be fooled.

A new pho place in Beverly Hills? Count me in!

Or not.

My friend and I came here last night after having a drink at the Luxe Hotel down the street. I told her that this place was new and worth checking out.

In hindsight, we should have just stuck to our regular pho joint, Pho Citi in Westwood.

The place is quite small, maybe 10 tables, and a few counter places. We sat a small table, went over the menu and decided to get pho. For a place that calls itself 9021Pho, one would expect more than 5 different pho options. They didn't even have Pho Tai, which is the most common Pho of all.

Oh wells. I got the Pho Chay, veggie pho with tofu. She got the Pho Bo, which came with slices of beef and beef balls.

Pho Bo

The service was lacking. We asked for water when we placed our order and didn't get it. I had to ask again 10 min later.

20 minutes later, we finally get our pho. It came in huge bowls which was impressive. It wasn't filled to the top though, but still, presentation was good.

I added the bean sprouts, jalapenos and lime juice to my soup. My 1 sprig of basil was not fresh, so I didn't even bother. Added some Sriracha rooster sauce as well.

Hmm.. wtf? The soup was so bland! There was no flavor at all. Even after the ton of hot sauce I put in there. My mouth was on fire, but it was just fire, not flavor. UGHH. Pho is supposed to have effen flavorful broth. My friend said hers sucked. She didn't even finish it and she usually eats everything on her plate.

Pho Chay

I was disappointed in the 4 small slices of tofu on my bowl. Usually, veggie pho has big chunks of tofu, not puny slices. There were also some small pieces of bok choy and scallions in there. I guess the straw mushrooms were good. Noodles were okay. Overall, it was just a huge disappointment.

After all the hot sauce was added

At $12 for a bowl of pho (after tax and tip), I really felt ripped off!

It's okay, I drowned my sorrows in a carrot cake cupcake from Crumbs down the street.

490 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 275-7077


Ravenous Couple said...

those bowls of pho look sooo... sorry..pho in beverly hills just doesn't sound right.

Pandalicious said...

it was very sorry tasting too. haha.. agreed.

Chicken said...

Ugh, yeah. Sorry. BH still cannot tempt me to try their pho. Why bother??

(aka hungryhungryhanh)

kit said...

The pho bo didn't look right. Why did it take so long to get the pho out? Hmm, better luck elsewhere. :(